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Beyond serving our clients, our mission includes improving the world around us by spreading happiness, empowering leaders, regenerating the environment, and celebrating the human spirit!


Our Philosophy

Beautiful designs, meticulous craftsmanship, responsive service, integrity — these are foundational elements of Eclipse Awards. Yet equally important is how we care for the environment and how we give back to people and the communities we belong to.

We are on a journey of producing beautiful things and creating value for our clients, while also making decisions that respect and regenerate the environment, use resources efficiently, and treat people well. We approach challenges with creativity and collaboration. We strive for simplicity over complexity in our designs and our processes.

Sustainability and regeneration drive us forward and inspire our commitments. Have a look at some of the things we’re up to:


The Awesome Awards - from ordinary to extraordinary!

The Awesome Awards recognize and appreciate awesome people everywhere! Powered by Eclipse Awards since 2013, The Awesome Awards is a unique, pay-it-forward recognition program that celebrates the unsung community heroes who are making the world a better place for all of us. Anyone can be nominated for an Awesome Award, nominations are free and never expire, and we select up to two recipients every month. Plus, we plant 5 trees for every nomination and 10 trees for every Awesome Award paid forward. Visit to nominate someone today!

Responsibility, Reforestation and Regeneration:

Reducing our environmental footprint is important, yet even more so we believe that businesses must also share the responsibility of regenerating and renewing the natural world we share. So we’ve partnered with Eden Reforestation Projects to help us plant trees, and lots of them!

Today, for every plaque, trophy and award that we produce for you, we also plant 2 trees! To date (as of September 2022), we have planted nearly 50,000 mangrove trees and created over 500 days of employment

Each mangrove tree planted becomes part of a new forest, helping to regenerate the environment for years to come by cultivating biodiversity, sequestering carbon, providing food (agroforestry), cleaning the air, preventing erosion and soil degradation, while also creating employment that helps strengthen families in rural communities.  

Green Energy:

Eclipse Awards has been powered by renewable green energy since 2004 - first via BC Hydro’s Green Power Certificates, then via Bullfrog Power since 2009. Over the years, we’ve continually reviewed our processes and taken steps to reduce our energy use where possible. Then we secure green energy sources for the remaining electricity and natural gas that we consume. In 2019 we installed a photovoltaic solar panel system on our rooftop, which generates clean solar energy to power our laser engraver and other equipment!

Click here for a real-time view of the energy produced by our rooftop solar panels and to learn more about our journey to becoming solar powered.

Community Partnership Program:

Our Community Partnership Program is designed to put the power of recognition into the hands of non-profit organizations that might not have the budget for it. Our Community Partners are working hard to improve the world, and we support them with free consulting and special pricing on recognition awards to help them empower leaders within their community and accelerate their mission.

Carbon Neutral Climate Leadership:

Eclipse Awards has been carbon neutral since 2012 and we have now been ClimateSmart Certified seven times. This means we understand the how greenhouse gasses (GHG) are produced by our operations, including input materials, production, heating and lighting our building, and shipping the awards to you. We use this knowledge to reduce and limit our emissions. Then we partner with Eden Reforestation to plant trees that absorb carbon to cancel or offset our remaining emissions. 

Eclipse Awards also provides incentives for staff who bike, walk, or take public transit to work. 

Green Roofs & Green Buildings:

We’ve built two green roofs and gardens totalling over 4000 sq.ft. Our studio is lit by natural sunlight and cooled by passive wind design. To elevate our work, we want our workplace to be inspiring, healthy, and energy efficient.

Sponsorships & Donations:

Every year we donate thousands of dollars in the form of awards, time and shared expertise. We contribute to our community by supporting organizations that are uplifting, inspiring and empowering people in their communities. Grants and sponsorships are determined on a quarterly basis - visit here to apply:

David Suzuki Foundation:

Eclipse president Toby Barazzuol is a founding and active member of the David Suzuki Foundation’s Sustainable Diversity Network. The SDN’s mission is to advance our understanding of sustainability and expand the environmental movement by celebrating voices and stories that are often unheard or unacknowledged.

Zero Waste:

We are committed to minimizing our use of resources. Operationally, we reuse packing materials, recycle paper and electronics, compost our organics, monitor our water and energy, and avoid plastics and toxic chemicals wherever possible. We apply zero waste thinking to our production and design processes as well. In fact, you’ll find our eco-friendly green awards featured in Canada’s National Zero Waste Council’s Design Portfolio (pdf).