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About Eclipse Awards


We make beautiful, personalized awards and trophies that convey your message of recognition and appreciation.


Eclipse Awardsis a bespoke trophy shop that specializes in creating customized awards and trophies for recognizing and appreciating individuals and organizations. Established in 1998 by Toby Barazzuol, Eclipse Awards is passionate about producing beautiful, eco-friendly awards and trophies that will be cherished for a lifetime.

We’ve earned our reputation by consistently providing outstanding quality and reliable service. Our clients value recognition and appreciation, and seek out Eclipse Awards for our unique, eye-catching designs, 5-star quality standards, and our longstanding commitment to sustainability and regeneration. We see ourselves as an extension of your organization, and we take pride in saving you time and stress, while consistently delivering top-notch awards and trophies that make you look good.

Eclipse Awards specializes in made-to-order awards and trophies made from crystal, glass, and wood - timeless materials that people love to see, feel and touch! We offer a curated collection of timeless award styles that range from charming to functional to spectacular. Every award style begins as a blank canvas, which is then customized and personalized according to the client’s needs. Eclipse Awards produces every award with care, responsibility, and intention to reflect the highest quality standards of our clients.

In addition to awards and trophies, Eclipse Awards also provides custom deal toys, original concept awards, financial tombstones, customized award plaques, wall plaques and personalized name plates for trophies. Our services are tailored to meet the needs of our clients’ recognition programs.

Eclipse Awards' Mission Statement:

To create beautiful, earth-friendly awards that make people happy, strengthen communities, regenerate the environment, and celebrate the human spirit.

Our Team

Our experienced team is composed of designers, artists, makers and helpful service professionals. We share a passion for creating beautiful things and we hold ourselves to high standards in terms of the quality of our work, our production methods, the awards we make, and the experience we deliver. We are a team of friends, we communicate openly throughout the day, and we enjoy working together to infuse good energy and a touch of magic into every trophy and award we deliver to you.

Our Origin Story

Eclipse Awards was opened in 1998 by Toby Barazzuol. After graduating from UBC business school and then travelling through Europe and Asia, he found work at a small company exporting log homes to Japan. Toby’s boss there had a side business making crystal awards and trophies and asked him to oversee it. So Toby learned about fonts and designing and sandblasting, and discovered that he really enjoyed making beautiful things.

Over time, Toby ended up attending dozens of awards ceremonies to watch their awards being presented, and he noticed that most people receiving awards were overcome with happiness and pride, often crying tears of joy upon feeling recognized, appreciated and celebrated. Even people in the crowd witnessing the recognition were moved and inspired, and Toby was no exception. After experiencing these uplifting occasions time and time again, Toby realized there was something powerful and primal about recognition and decided that he wanted to help bring more of that positive and uplifting energy into the world.

Toby chose the name Eclipse Awards to conjure the image of a powerful natural experience that leaves you feeling exhilarated and full of wonder, which is what it feels like to be recognized and appreciated. 

And that, good people, was the start of the journey that we are still on today, we hope you will join us!

To learn more, visit this page for a full version of Toby’s origin story.


Over the past 24 years, many of the world’s most successful organizations have chosen Eclipse Awards to supply their awards and recognition. Serving international corporations, tiny non-profits, governments, schools, banks, and everything in between, we earn our reputation every day by consistently delivering excellent service and beautifully personalized awards. Whatever your needs, we’ll deliver safely and on-time, every time, as promised.

Here is a sample of our clients, some of whom have been with us for 10 years, 15 years or more!
  • Canada Green Building Council
  • e.Republic
  • Boston Pizza
  • Coast Capital Savings
  • Nature’s Path
  • Modular Building Institute
  • BC Children's Hospital
  • Molson Canada
  • Inspire Clean Energy
  • Convoy of Hope
  • Justice Institute of BC
  • Nature Conservancy Canada
We look forward to working with you next!