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Recognition 101


Tips & Advice on Ordering Trophies and Plaques


Our role is to help you create beautiful awards that convey and amplify your message of appreciation, sustaining it for years to come, possibly a lifetime.



How to Select Recognition Awards

We offer a collection of popular and time-tested, made-to-order award styles that can be personalized for any occasion. From sparkling crystal awards to eco-friendly wooden trophies, each piece begins as a blank canvas for your logo, branding and message of recognition.

When selecting your awards, consider the nature of who and what you are recognizing. Do they prefer brilliant and sparkly things, or more subtle and rustic? Also, consider the stature of your event. As a very general guideline, the bigger the event or level of recognition, the larger the award should be to reflect that. As well, if you are recognizing multiple levels of accomplishment, you’ll want to choose awards that reflect the relative stature of those various levels.

Also think about the size of the logo, graphics and text you want to include. Some items have ample room for text while others are more suited for shorter messages. Also, is colour important to you? Or do you prefer the classic look of sandblast engraved crystal? Or perhaps the warm look of laser engraved wood trophies? Consider the 3 different marking options we can use to personalize your order. 

When determining your budget, note that our prices are fixed and all-inclusive, which means the price you are quoted is the price you will pay for your awards. We do not have setup charges or hidden fees, and quantity discounts are available and applied automatically. Only shipping is extra, and taxes if you're in Canada. Note: we do not charge any taxes on orders shipped directly to the US or any international destination outside of Canada.


What To Include On Your Recognition Awards?

Many clients ask what details to include on their awards. Though there is no universally standard format, we suggest that you consider including:

Award Name: if your award or event has a special name, it’s best to include it.

Achievement/Purpose: why is the award being presented? (optional)

Logo: adding your organization’s logo will make the award feel more corporate and professional. (optional)  

Recipient Name: whenever possible, personalize each award with the recipient’s name. This adds value by making the award unique and much more meaningful. It communicates intention as opposed to something generic or off the shelf.  Some clients include the preface “Presented to…” or “In appreciation of….” though this is optional.

Date: a date adds context and credibility to your award, while also serving as a reminder of when the award was presented. An award may include a period of tim,Some awards include a specific date, while others include a month and year or year only.

Message of Appreciation: include a brief message of gratitude or appreciation that the award is intended for. Short and concise message are best as they will stand the test of time. If you have a longer message, it’s best to include this on an accompanying card or to express it verbally when presenting the award.

Donor Name: Make sure you include your name, so it is clear from whom the award is being given.  This is not necessary if you include your corporate logo. 
20_Years-2Awards and recognition are effective tools for guiding behaviours, changing organizational cultures, communicating values, bestowing confidence and gratitude, celebrating achievements and milestones, and empowering team members. Over the years, we’ve worked with thousands of organizations that use the power of recognition to uplift, motivate, celebrate and inspire. Whether you’re new to recognition or simply looking to raise your recognition game, we’ve gathered some helpful tips and advice here to assist you. 

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