We're Powered by Solar Energy!

When someone receives an award made by Eclipse Awards, we want them to feel like they are basking in the warm glowing rays of the sun! In fact, it’s been a longtime dream to actually infuse our awards with the sun’s energy. So on a bright and sunny May day in 2019, after years of planning and anticipation, we excitedly flipped the switch on our new rooftop solar system and watched the clean energy start to flow! 

We started planning for solar power in 2007 while achieving our first ClimateSmart certification. At that time, we created a 5 year “energy roadmap” to reduce our energy consumption. Installing solar panels on our roof was the ultimate goal of that plan. However, it would take another 5 year plan, then nearly 2 years to navigate through city bylaws before we accomplished it. But we did, and now enjoy clean energy from the sun, made on site, virtually every day!

We installed a 2.56 kW grid-tie system that consists of 8 x 320 Watt solar panels on our rooftop. The solar panels generate electricity that powers the electrical loads at Eclipse Awards, and any excess energy that we produce is fed back into the city’s power grid, especially on weekends! 

Our goal is to harness the sun’s energy to make eco-friendly, green awards and plaques. Using solar energy to help power our laser engraver and air compressor, means everything we produce now has a lighter and cleaner footprint! See the dashboard below for a real-time report on how much energy our solar system is currently producing:

Solar Powered Laser Engraving

With the addition of our rooftop solar panels, we became the world's first and only awards company to offer solar powered laser engraving!  Now you can feel even better and more confident in the sustainability of your wooden awards and trophies, knowing they are made with clean solar power.

Stay tuned as we launch more eco-friendly, green awards and trophies to help you celebrate the human spirit!