All of our recognition awards and trophies are crafted from crystal, glass or wood - timeless materials that people love to hold, feel and admire. Browse our House Collection - an online catalog of all Made-to-Order trophies, plaques and awards that we offer. Choose any style that catches your eye, then let our talented in-house designers and makers customize the perfect awards for your organization and event!

Note: we offer fixed prices that include custom design, personalization, digital artwork proofs, and unlimited design revisions at no charge! No setup charges or hidden fees. 

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House Collection of Made-to-Order Awards, Trophies & Plaques

All of these items have been chosen for their proven appeal and popularity. We believe your awards should look just as good and impressive in 5 or 10 years time, so the styles we offer are timeless. As well, we stock all of the awards and trophies shown here, so they can be customized and delivered within 15 business days, or sooner if needed. The prices shown include all design, customization, artwork proofs and markings. 

Who do you want to celebrate? Recognize. Empower. Repeat.