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Eclipse Awards is a boutique custom trophy maker and plaque shop that creates beautiful, customized trophies and plaques to celebrate the human spirit! Founded in 1998, we take great pride in making trophies and plaques that will be cherished for years to come, possibly a lifetime. 

Our House Collection offers trophies in various shapes and sizes that can be customized for all occasions. We specialize in personalized trophies and plaques made of wood, glass, and crystal, plus a whole section of eco-friendly designs and materials that will truly wow whoever receives them. Our goal is to provide you with only the best in both customer service and high quality products. 

Our made-to-order designs come in a variety of types: wall mount, free-standing, perpetual, and more. Whether it be smaller and subtle or something grand and eye-catching, we can create and deliver your customized trophies and plaques within 3 weeks, or sooner if needed

Today, it’s easy to order award plaques online through Eclipse Awards! Simply browse our House Collection of trophies and plaques below, choose a style that best fits you and your needs, then let our talented team guide you through a design process to create uniquely customized trophies and plaques for your event!

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  •     Glass
  •     Wall Mount
  •     Multiple Sizes
  •     Wood
  •     Eco-friendly
  •     Free-Standing
  •     Recycled or Salvaged
  •     Special
  •     Classic

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House Collection of Made-to-Order Awards, Trophies & Plaques

All of these items have been chosen for their proven appeal and popularity. We believe your awards should look just as good and impressive in 5 or 10 years time, so the styles we offer are timeless. As well, we stock all of the awards and trophies shown here, so they can be customized and delivered within 15 business days, or sooner if needed. The prices shown include all design, customization, artwork proofs and markings. 

Who do you want to celebrate? Recognize. Empower. Repeat.