Sunwood Series: custom lasercut wood components

An eco-friendly option for creating custom donor walls, plaques & awards

If you want to add the warm and organic look of wood to your awards or donor recognition project, consider our Sunwood Series of TrueWood and LeafWood. These are custom-cut, earth-friendly wooden components made using our solar powered laser cutter and engraver!  TrueWood components are 5mm thick and made from solid wood. LeafWood components are 3mm thick and made from real wood veneer of an mdf core. Both TrueWood and SunWood are available in Maple, Cherry and Walnut.

The Sunwood Series offers a wide variety of customization options in terms of real wood textures and shapes, making it an attractive and versatile option for any eco-friendly project. 

Ask about our Sunwood Series if you're considering any of these ideas, and browse our gallery below for inspiration!


Laser Cut Wood Letters

The uses for wood letters are endless! Put your company name on display or showcase an inspirational quote, or your mission statement. Wood letters are aesthetically pleasing, and can be cut from almost any font style.

Sunwood Letters can be made from either TrueWood or LeafWood and are are intended for indoor use only. 


Tessellate Wood Plaques

Tessellating plaques are a fun way to highlight the accomplishments of team effort. These pieces are designed to stand alone, but once joined together they create a beautiful mosaic that creatively represents the achievements of a group as a whole. 

Let's create something fun to celebrate your group!


TrueWood Custom Coasters

Whether as a gift for your clients, a keepsake for your employees, or a promotional item, custom coasters are a practical item used daily, to they're a great way to keep your brand and message visible and top of mind!

TrueWood coasters can be cut into any shape, and engraved with a logo, personal message or company slogan.


Custom Shape Wood Awards and Plaques

Custom Shape Eco-friendly awards and trophies designed for beauty and sustainability! Using organic, sustainable, recycled and recyclable materials, we design and personalize these eco trophies to help you recognize excellence and leadership in sustainability, zero-waste design, conservation, circular economy, and regeneration! Click here to learn more about custom trophies and plaques. 


Wood Wall Plaques and Signage

Sunwood plaques and signs are customized to fit your needs. Available in custom or standard shapes, they are perfect for donor recognition walls, businesses, lobby entrances, meeting rooms and offices, certification plaques, signage, and wayfinding. 


3D Layered Awards & Trophies

Made out of three kinds of TrueWood, these freestanding green awards have a 3-dimensional look that creates depth and movement. This piece was made in celebration of our partnership with The Eden Projects. If you have a special project or idea, let us help you bring it to life with our Sunwood Series!


Wall Art

Are you looking to show your appreciation by creating a unique and impactful gift? Laser cut and engraved Wood Wall Art is the way to go. Bring us your design ideas and we can help create a piece that will be truly memorable. If you have a graphic that you would like send us the file and we will make the adjustments need to bring these to life.

These can be installed tight to the wall, or slightly offset by pairing aluminum stand-offs.



These can be cut to mimic the shape of your logo, or made into a beautiful and intricate design. The possibilities are endless.

Depending on the design these can be cut to include a hole so string can be looped in, they can stand alone, or they can include double sided tape or a magnet backing.

Sunwood Event & Promotional Items

Our Sunwood business cards, conference badges, and name tags are a durable eco-friendly solution to the more common disposable paper, and plastic options out there. All sunwood products are manufactured from our solar powered laser engraver. 

Whether your company has an eco -friendly message to convey, or just prefers a natural or rustic look we believe our sunwood products will make an instant and unforgettable impression. 

Wooden Business Cards

Want to make a big impact with an earth-friendly calling card? Wood business cards offer a warm and impressive invitation to potential clients!


Wooden Name Tags

Forget plastic and acrylic, wooden nametags are the way to go! Offered in 2 standard sizes, wooden name tags come with magnetic backings and include solar laser engraving of your logo and individual personalization.  Available in Maple, Cherry and Walnut. 


Wooden Conference Badges

Take your event to the next level with one of a kind, custom wood badges. These can be created in custom shapes for your event, including your logo and individual personalization. Sunwood conference badges include organic cotton lanyards. Details upon request.