Order custom awards in 3 easy steps:

Every trophy and award plaque offered in our House Collection begins as a blank canvas, then we customize it by marking it with your message and logos. Simply select the awards you like, add them to your cart, then during the checkout process you can include your personalization details, upload logo files, and request additional markings to enhance your awards. Our team of graphic designers will use your details to create a custom artwork for the awards you've selected.  The artwork proof is emailed to you for your review. You can request unlimited design revisions at no charge until you approve your artwork. This process ensures your custom awards will be one of a kind, skillfully designed, and awesome!

How to Order-6
STEP 1: Browse our curated House Collection of awards & plaques to find your perfect piece, select the quantity, then and add to cart. Next, during the checkout process, share your vision, personalization details, and any add-on customization options you'd like to include. Don't have those things ready yet? You can still place your order and our experienced team will work with you to bring your vision to life, or help create one for you!
STEP 2: We do the creative design for you! Once we understand your needs, we'll design unique artwork for the awards you selected, incorporating your personalization details, message, and logo. We'll email your artwork proof for review and approval prior to production. We offer free and unlimited artwork revisions to ensure all your needs are met and that you fall in love with your custom award design!
STEP 3: Once you've approved your artwork proof, you can relax and get excited for your awards event! Rest assured that our highly skilled and passionate team will produce your order exactly as you approved, and ensure it's delivered on time. Guaranteed! If you have complex shipping needs, we are shipping experts! We will get your awards safely delivered where needed, on time, every time!

Not sure where to start?

Don't have a specific design or vision in mind yet? Don't worry, we’ll guide you through the entire process -   from creative, to logistics, to delivery! Contact us and we'll help you find the perfect award, trophy, or plaque to suit your needs!


Do you want stunning awards that are economical, perfectly branded, and that will be cherished for years to come?

All of the awards in our House Collection are carefully curated for their timeless elegance, popularity, quality and value. Simply select the perfect style for your brand or event, then we'll turn them into one of a kind custom awards by marking them with your logo, graphics, personalized text, and any decorative options you’d like to include! Next one of our talented designers will create a unique award design and email you a PDF proof to review, and approve prior to production. We offer free and unlimited artwork revisions to ensure all your needs are met and that you fall in love with your custom award design!

Every award begins as a blank canvas. The example below showcases the endless design possibilities that can be achieved with just one trophy style. Scroll down for more examples of customization options that you can add to your award. 

All of the pieces in our House Collection have all been vetted for quality, popularity and great value. Plus, we always have them on hand so they are readily available, and they typically include presentation boxes as well. 

There are no setup charges on the trophies and plaques in our collection. With every order, we provide you with a professional design process that incorporates all of your details and graphics into custom artwork created specifically for the piece(s) you’ve selected. Then we email the artwork to you as a digital proof for you to review, and you can request unlimited design revisions at no charge, until you approve the artwork. 

Our design process is reliable, proven, and effective and it produces awesome custom awards and trophies, every time! Delivered on-time within a few weeks on-time (or even faster with rush service).


Can't find anything suitable in our House Collection?  If you want awards that have a special shape, color, or size we can still help you out! We can create an Original Concept Award designed from the ground up based on your needs, dreams and budget.

Contact us with your idea and we'll help bring it to life! Click here to send us your custom idea!


Enhance your awards by adding decorative options such as color fills, additional surface markings & full color printing!

The term “marking” refers to the method used to add personalization details to a trophy or award. The method of marking, and how skillfully it is done, really enhances the effectiveness and impact of a recognition award, so it’s helpful to understand the different marking methods that are available to personalize your order.

Every piece our House Collection includes one marking process that best suits the piece. But you can enhance your trophy or plaque by adding additional markings. Eclipse Awards specializes in 3 types of markings on trophies and award plaques:

SANDBLAST ENGRAVING is a marking process that uses a pressurized stream of air and sand to carve directly into solid crystal. Done skillfully, the result is a crisp, elegant, and finely textured engraving that looks as if it was placed magically! People are fascinated by the look and feel of sandblasting, especially when they see their name engraved in crystal. Our team of skilled and experienced artisans ensure that the sandblast engraving on every award is perfect!

Regular laser engraving uses a highly focused beam of light (a laser) to burn and vaporize material. The result is a dark, precise, highly detailed and permanent surface marking. Our SOLAR LASER ENGRAVING takes it a step further because our laser engraver is powered by our rooftop solar panels. So any awards you order with solar laser engraving are marked with clean energy from the sun!

COSMO PRINT is a marking process that prints full color artwork directly onto the surface(s) of an award. The printed artwork is instantly cured by UV light to secure it in place, creating a high definition, vibrant and colorful surface marking.

Cosmo Print is durable, though it is considered a semi-permanent marking, which means it will last for years with normal handling, but it can be affected if scratched with a hard object.

CLICK HERE to read more about the different types of marking processes we specialize in. 

Inspiring award projects using multiple marking methods: 

Below are a small collection of projects to show you how adding decorative marking options can be used to enhance the overall impact of your award.
Trophy Material: Maple Wood
Marking Methods: This piece comes standard with Cosmo Printing on one surface, plus a custom shape wood accent. We brought this design to the next level by adding full colour Cosmo Printing to the wooden star accent as well. 
Trophy Material: Crystal & Chocolate Walnut Wood
Marking Methods: This piece utilizes 3 surfaces of the trophy, creating the look of leaves swirling around the top. Gold colorfill is strategically placed to enhance they key messages of award. 
Trophy Material: Crystal
Marking Methods: This trophy includes sandblasting on the front surface and the logo and message have been enhanced with the addition of handpainted 24K Gold color fills. 
Trophy Material: Salvaged Maple Wood
Marking Methods: This piece includes solar laser engraving as the standard marking. Cosmo Printing was included as a way to incorporate the branding colours, and a photographic element.
Trophy Material: Reclaimed Fir
Marking Methods: This piece includes solar laser engraving on the front face as the standard marking. This customer added a second surface markling on the back as a special way to include their 50th Anniversary logo. 
Trophy Material: Crystal
Marking Methods: This crystal trophy includes sandblasting on the base. However, the client also wanted to add graphics to each of the 7 crystal pillars to create a breathtaking and dramatic award worthy of a 60-year celebration!

What’s included when you order Awards, Trophies, and Plaques online?

We offer simple, all-in pricing so that you can budget easily and reliably.

Worried about setup charges, or hidden fees? At Eclipse Awards we provide the all of the following services at no charge: 

No setup charges or hidden fees.

One free logo vectorization (additional logo conversions are $75 each)

A graphic designer dedicated to your order, who will create a design that incorporates your logo(s), personalized text, and any options you’ve selected into custom artwork for the piece(s) you’ve ordered

Digital artwork proofs for your review. You can request unlimited design revisions at no charge until you approve the artwork for your order. To eliminate errors, we cannot produce your order until your artwork has been approved. 

Standard lead time is 3 weeks from date of artwork approval (rush services are available if needed, and we provide a 30% discount on shipping if you have a 5 week+ lead time)

White Glove Care: With every shipment, we include a pair of white gloves as a symbol of the care we put into your order. When handling your awards, use the gloves to prevent fingerprints.

Its easy! Just place your order, and we will guide you through a simple step by step process.

Every order goes through a 5-stage process, which includes design and customization. As your order progresses through each stage, we email you status updates to keep you in the loop. Your dedicated service representative will guide you through the following stages of your order:

1. Order Confirmation
2. Designing Artwork
3. Artwork Approval

4. Production
5. Delivery


Step 1 – Order Confirmation 

Once you’ve placed your order (see Placing Your Order, below), we’ll assign a dedicated service representative to help determine your needs, affirm your timeline, and oversee your project,. Once your details have been finalized, we’ll email you an order confirmation with a summary of your items, costs and requested delivery date. 

Step 2 – Designing Artwork

Our graphic designer creates custom artwork for your awards based on the details you provided. These artwork proofs will be emailed to you for your review. Check closely for spelling and grammar. If you’d like to make any edits or changes in the design, let us know and we’ll send you an updated set of proofs at no charge.

Step 3 – Artwork Approval

Once you’re happy with your artwork, sign your proofs and then send them to us by email or fax as your approval. Your approval means no further design changes are required and we can start on production immediately. To ensure on time delivery, please review your proofs in a timely manner.

Step 4 – Production

With your artwork approved, we begin producing your order. To ensure the handcrafted quality of your order, we apply the same meticulous production processes to everything we produce. We never cut corners on quality or service.

Step 5 – Delivery

Once your awards have been completed, we inspect them for quality control, make sure they’re sparkling clean, then pack them safely. If your order is being shipped, we will email you a shipping notification and UPS tracking number. If you’re picking up your order, we’ll let you know when it’s ready.

Our design process is reliable, proven, and effective and it produces awesome custom awards and trophies, every time! Not sure what will work best for your needs? Please don't hesitate to contact us for professional guidance. 


How to submit your logo(s)?

When ordering, please provide any logo files in vector format such as .eps, .ai, or .pdf. Where possible, submit the black and white version.

Creating a great layout is an important part of creating awesome trophies and awards. To create a great layout, we must begin with all logos and graphics as vector files (see below) 

Bitmap files (see below) like .tiff and .jpg are common and easy to find, but they won't work for engraving because they are low resolution and intended for screens, not print. However, we can make a bitmap into a vector file for you through a process known as vectorization. 

Eclipse Awards provides one free bitmap to vector logo conversion per order, though it adds one day to your lead time to your order.  Additional logos can be vectorized for $75 each. In all cases we can provide you with a copy of your vectorized logo file upon request.

Unsure of your logo files or can’t locate the vector file? Simply email any of your logos to graphics @ and we will review them for you at no charge. And remember, you don’t need your logo to get an order underway, we can always gather it or vectorize it at a later time. 

Bitmap vs vector files: what is the difference?

Bitmap Files

Bitmap files (also known as Raster files) are created from a fixed number of little squares called “pixels”. Typical bitmap files extensions are .jpg, .png and .tiff. Bitmap files are commonly used on the web, however they are not suitable for award design as they do not resize well. 

Vector File

Vector files are defined by mathematical equations rather than pixels, so they always appear at the highest resolution and can be resized without any loss of quality. Any logos or graphics used in your order must be in a vector file such as .eps, .ai or .pdf.  If you don’t have a vector file, we can convert one bitmap file per order at no charge. Additional bitmap files can be converted to vector files at a cost of $75 each and we provide a copy for your own use. Tip: simply saving your bitmap file with a vector file extension does not create a vector file.

Artwork Requirements

Artwork requirements - guidelines for submitting your own artwork

Graphic design and artwork proofs are included at no charge with every order at Eclipse Awards. However, if you wish to submit your own vector artwork for engraving, please follow the guidelines

  1. Use the award design templates provided by Eclipse Awards as they indicate the spaces available for etching. Design templates for every award are available at no charge, upon request to graphics @

  2. Artwork for engraving must be black and white, and looks best when it is solid and bold (no greyscales or halftones). Black areas in your artwork will appear as frosted white when etched in crystal.

  3. Try to keep all fonts larger than 10 pts, or 9 pts. if using a sans serif font. Serif and script fonts with thin lines are not recommended.

  4. Avoid line thicknesses of less than 1 pts as these will appear too faint.

  5. Our prices include etching on either one or two surfaces, depending on the piece. However interesting designs can be created by etching on multiple surfaces. When designing artwork for multi-surface etching, feel free to communicate your ideas to graphics @ to check feasibility. Etching on additional surfaces is charged at $40 per surface.

  6. All artwork must be supplied as vector files - bitmap images cannot be etched

  7. Email artwork files to graphics @ eclipseawards. Compressed files are acceptable. When sending files larger than 10Mb, please send by Google Drive or Hightail.

Note that with every order, Eclipse Awards provides artwork proofs for your review and approval, even when you have supplied the artwork files. Your final approval is always required before we can begin production.

Artwork Charges

Sometimes, if artwork is complicated, of poor quality, or a photograph, it may require time and expertise to make it appropriate for production. In such cases we charge a flat rate artwork charge of $150, though we will notify you beforehand if an artwork charge is required.

If you have artwork or graphics questions at any time, please contact us at If you have an active quote or order, please include your 5-digit number for reference. Thank you!

Frequently asked questions:


Eclipse Awards is a boutique trophy shop that creates customized awards and trophies to convey messages of recognition and appreciation. Founded in 1998 by Toby Barazzuol, Eclipse Awards is dedicated to the craft of creating earth-friendly recognition awards and trophies that you can present with confidence and pride, knowing they will be cherished for a lifetime. We are sought out by organizations that value recognition and appreciation, in addition to quality, service, reliability and an ongoing commitment to sustainability


Yes, custom design and personalization are included in every order. We provide a free digital artwork proof which is sent to you as PDF file. You can request unlimited design changes at no charge, and with each change we’ll send you an updated artwork proof. We don’t start production until we have your signed approval of the artwork proof.


Yes, we email you an artwork proof on every order. You can request unlimited design changes at no charge, and we don’t start production until we have your signed approval of the artwork proof.


Our standard lead time is 15 business days, from the date you confirm you order to your in-hands date. Rush services are available. 


We primarily work with crystal, glass, and wood which are timeless materials that people love to hold and feel, as well as being eco-friendly. By not working with lucite, acrylic, or mixed material awards we can ensure every piece is earth friendly and easy to recycle.


We mark crystal and glass pieces with sandblasting etching. For wooden pieces we use laser engraving. Both methods offer permanent and impressive markings that will add value to your financial tombstones and deal markers. We also offer Full Colour Cosmo Printing on Crystal, Glass and Wood. 


No, we do not offer Lucite or Acrylic awards, trophies or plaques.  


This is the easiest and fastest way of placing your order. Simply visit the page of the award you want to purchase, and fill out the required fields and quantity. When you click add to cart, any quantity discounts will be applied.


No we do not. Our standard sandblasting is a surface etching only. It is permanent and impressive to see and feel, however it is on the surface only, not inside. If you require 3D etching inside crystal, this is a custom option that requires 8-10 weeks lead time. 


Yes, for your convenience, all financial tombstones have fixed prices based on the quantity ordered. Prices include all custom design, unlimited artwork changes, and all personalization. There are no setup charges or hidden fees. Only taxes and shipping are extra.


We do offer rush charges. Our standard lead time is 15 business days, so any order required in 14 business days or less is considered a Rush Order. Rush Orders are immediately added into our design and production queue, receiving prompt and constant attention until your order is safely delivered on time.


Yes, we offer guaranteed on-time delivery or your order is free. We also guaranteed safe delivery, as well as guaranteed accuracy that your order will match your approved artwork.


We can ship your order anywhere in North America or beyond. Just let us know where and when you’d like your ordered delivered and we’ll make it happen with safe and on-time delivery guaranteed. Note that we can also help if you need to ship to multiple locations.

Glossary of Awards & Trophy Terms


Coveted markers of recognition given to honour excellence, leadership, or achievement.

Award Program

An Award Program, or Recognition Program, is a system of rewards and awards that encourage specific behaviors, usually in support of achieving a larger collective goal. Award programs can be very effective at changing organizational cultures and creating new outcomes. See also Certification Program.


Bitmaps (also known as BMPs or Rasters files) are digital files created from a fixed number of pixels. Bitmap files are commonly available and primarily used on the web, however they are unsuitable for award designs as they are low resolution and do not resize well. Typical bitmap file extensions include .jpg, .png and .tiff.


A type of award, typically made of paper, designed to recognize a specific accomplishment or achievement.

Certification Program

A Certification Program is a type of Award Program, typically focussed on highlighting specific achievements or qualifications. Effective certification programs are often enhanced with special awards or certificates to highlight accomplishments. Certification programs can be effective at establishing credibility and communicating the values of an association or industry.

Colour Fill

The process of filling an engraved area with paint to add spot colour or contrast.

Cosmo Print

Is a full color marking process that prints artwork directly onto the surface(s) of an award. The printed artwork is instantly cured by UV light to secure it in place, creating a high definition, vibrant and colorful surface marking.

Cosmo Print is durable, though it is considered a semi-permanent marking, which means it will last for years with normal handling, but it can be affected when scratched with a hard object.


In the past, true crystal contained 24% lead content, which provided weight and clarity. However, as the dangers of lead became known, true lead crystal was phased out and replaced by a high quality optical glass that has become known as crystal. Today, the crystal used to make awards and trophies no longer contains lead. The best crystal trophies are made from K9 Optic Crystal, which has the highest index of density and brilliance. 


A broader term for personalization that refers to tailoring a product to accommodate your specific requests. Though personalization and customization are often used interchangeably, customization tends to refer to the style and dimensions of a piece, while personalization refers to the markings on it.


Decals are custom cut vinyl symbols that self-adhere to flat surface such as walls and windows. Decals are often used in certification programs to identify qualified individuals or organizations.

Financial Tombstones (also known as Deal Toys)

Financial Tombstones are customized gifts designed to commemorate a successful financial transaction or business deal. They typically include the details of the deal, the parties involved, and associated logos. Financial Tombstones, also known as Deal Toys or Deal Gifts, are prized and coveted as symbols of achievement and success.

Green Awards

Green Awards and Plaques (also known as sustainable or earth-friendly awards) are made from eco-friendly materials and are often used to recognize leadership in sustainability, though they can be used to recognize any occasion or milestone.

Lead Time

Lead time is the time required to design, produce and deliver your order. Our standard lead time is 15 business days from your artwork approved date, to in your hands. Note that for any delivery date, the delivery is by end of day that day. 

Laser Engraving

Laser Engraving is a permanent marking process that uses a focused beam of light to carve text and artwork into wood. Laser Engraving is a machine process that allows for tremendous detail and resolution. Our designers and makers are skilled at laser engraving, ensuring that all laser engraved wood awards look sharp and eye-catching. Our laser engraver is powered by clean energy from our rooftop solar panels. 


A marking is the process used to personalize a trophy or award. To mark crystal and glass awards we use sandblasting engraving. For wooden awards we use solar laser engraving (which is laser engraving powered by clean energy from the sun). Both sandblasted and laser engraved markings are permanent and have a high perceived value. Cosmo Print is a process that allows us to print vibrant colors and graphics directly onto a surface, and can be used on both crystal and wooden awards. 


A mockup (also known as an artwork proof) is a 2D visual representations of a proposed design. Mockups are provided for comments and feedback, before a design is finalized. 

Name Plates

Name plates are typically rectangular metal plates that contain a name, date, and/or short message. Name plates are typically used to update trophy bases or perpetual award plaques.

Optic Crystal

Optic Crystal or Optical Crystal is created by a special process that eliminates bubbles and imperfections, making it extremely clear and “sparkly”. Optic Crystal does not contain lead and is widely regarded as a premium material for awards. Eclipse Awards uses K9 Optic Crystal, the highest grade of optic crystal for our recognition awards.

Perpetual Award Plaque

A Perpetual Award or Perpetual Plaque can be presented repeatedly over a fixed period of time and is typically updated with a new name plate at each presentation. An ongoing Employee of the Month Plaque is an example of a perpetual award. 


The process of designing and marking pieces to make them unique to your event or occasion. Personalization typically refers to the details and markings that make your pieces special. Personalized products have a higher perceived value because they are made with intention and not considered “off the shelf”. Eclipse Awards provides personalization on all orders.


Plaques or Wall Plaques are typically thin and flat recognition awards designed for mounting on a wall or other vertical surface. Typically they also include mounting hardware like standoffs, brackets, or keyholes. Wall plaques are particularly useful in areas where counter space is at a premium, or when you want the award to receive high visibility. 


Proofs (also known as Artwork Proofs or Mockups) are digital illustrations of proposed designs, used for design evaluation and approval before production begins.  At Eclipse Awards you can request unlimited design revisions at no charge, and we require your approval of the artwork proof before we can produce your order. 


An intentional expression of positive approval that communicates admiration, respect and gratitude.

Sandblasting or Sandblast Engraving

Sandblasting is a marking process that uses a stream of pressurized sand and air to carve text and artwork into crystal. Sandblasted crystal has a high perceived value because the markings are deep and permanent. Sandblast engraving is a manual skill that benefits from experience to look great. Our team of talented sandcarvers ensure that the sandblasting on all crystal awards looks crisp and impressive.


Sublimation is a marking process that uses heat to transfer images onto metal and other surfaces. 

Sustainable Trophy Plaques

Sustainable Trophy Plaques are made from eco-friendly materials and are often used to recognize leadership in sustainability or conservation. 


Trophies are awards that are typically presented as a prize for winning a contest.

Vector File

Vector files are created from mathematical formulas, which means they can be resized without any loss of quality. To create quality designs for your order, we require any logos or graphics in vector files such as .eps, .ai or .pdf.  If you don’t have a vector file, we can vecorize one bitmap file per order at no charge. Additional bitmap files can be converted to vector files at a cost of $75 each and we provide a copy for your own use.

Note that simply saving your bitmap file with a vector file extension will not create a vector file. 


This is the process of converting a bitmap file to a vector file. Usually it takes about 24 hours to vectorize a file. We provide one free logo vectorization with every order. Additional logos are $75 each. 

Here are 3 ways to order awards and trophies online: 

1. Order Online at

This is the easiest and fastest way to order custom trophies. Simply browse our online catalog of awardsand plaques, add pieces you like to your shopping cart, then proceed to checkout. We then walk you through a 4-step process to gather: your contact and billing details, shipping address, personalization text/instructions, related logos or artwork files, and your requested delivery date.

Don’t have your personalization details ready yet? You can still place an order online then provide those details once your order is underway and confirmed in our production schedule.

2. Order Via Email

Email your order to, along with the following details:

  1. Order requirements

    • Award name(s) with product SKUs & quantities required

  2. Requested delivery date

    • Standard lead time is 15 business days (*though we offer a 30% shipping discount for 30 days or more)

    • Faster delivery is possible with rush charges applied

  3. Personalization details (if available)

    • The text/message that you’d like on each award

    • Any logos you’d like to include (.ai or .eps format please, no .jpg or .bmp files)

    • Any other instructions or requests you have for our designers

  4. Contact information:

    • Your full name, company name, address and phone number

  5. Shipping instructions - we can deliver your order anywhere in the world!

    • Please include a contact name and number at each location (No PO boxes please)

3. Order By Phone

For live and personal assistance, call us at 888-294-7121 between 9am-5pm PST, Monday to Friday. We can take your order, discuss your project, or answer questions.

In all cases, once we have gathered your details, we will email you an order confirmation and summary within one business day to get your order underway. We will also assign a dedicated customer service representative and graphic designer to initiate the design process on your order.

You can attach your graphics when ordering, or you can email them separately to Please contact us if you have any questions regarding your logo or graphics.