Employee Recognition Awards

How much do award plaques employee recognition awards cost?

Custom Award plaques range between $50 to $250 or so, depending on their size and the materials they are made from. Some other factors that may affect cost are: 

  • the quantity ordered

  • is a custom shape or design required?

  • type of marking used for personalization (sandblast engraving or UV printing)

  • is colour required?

  • the style of presentation box, if needed

  • the lead time available 

  • If it’s a perpetual award plaque, will you need to add nameplates over time?


At Eclipse Awards we offer popular styles of award plaques at fixed prices, which include all design, personalization and engraving. Custom award plaques with unique shapes and materials are also possible, upon request. 

Pro tip! Order prefab award plaques when you want to save time and money. Since most of the work has already been done, we simply design your custom artwork and then engrave it to create beautiful award plaques, personalized exactly as you wish.


How to order employee recognition awards

Consider these points when preparing to order award plaques from an online supplier:

  1. How many employee recognition awards will you be presenting?

    1. Will they all be the same size and style?

    2. Different levels of recognition may require different award plaques

  2. When would you like your employee recognition awards delivered by? 

    1. Different suppliers offer different lead times, so be sure to plan accordingly to keep costs low. Our lead time is 15 business days. The more time you can provide however, the better. 

  3. What to include on your employee recognition awards?

    1. If you have your personalization details and logo files ready, please include them when placing your order. 

    2. You can place your order without personalization details or logo files and our team will help you craft the perfect message and graphics!

    3. For design and wording ideas for your awards plaques, download our free Award Plaque Design Guide pdf

Ordering personalized award plaques from Eclipse Awards is as easy as gathering a few details and then selecting the piece that you’d like to personalize. There are 3 ways to place your order:

  1. Web: visit www.eclipseawards.com to place your order. Select the award plaques you want to personalize and let us know when you need them by. You can add your personalization details during the checkout process, or add them at a later time. 

  1. Email:  your order details to orders@eclipseawards.com. Send us what you have ready and available, then your dedicated service representative will follow up to gather any remaining personalization details. 

  1. Phone: call us at 888-294-7121 with your order details and speak to real people who are here to help you. 

However you choose to order from us, the first thing you will see is an email order confirmation that summarizes your order and timeline. Then we begin a design process to create the custom artwork for your award plaques, which we email you as a digital artwork proof (pdf). 

Once you review your artwork proof, you can either approve it if everything looks good, or request changes. You can request unlimited design revisions at no charge, until you approve the artwork proof. We cannot start engraving your order until you have approved your artwork. 

Once you have approved your artwork, no further changes are possible because we start production immediately. We then engrave your award plaques, clean them, inspect them, then safely pack them for shipping. We let you know once your order has shipped out. 

Throughout the whole order process, we keep you in the loop with a series of email order updates that let you know where we are in the whole process. Of course you’re always free to check in on the status of your order anytime!

Pro Tip - you can order your award plaques before you have the wording and personalization details finalized. Our team will help you craft the perfect message and design for your award plaques!


Where to order employee recognition awards online?

Today it’s possible to order personalized award plaques from an online supplier like www.eclipseawards.com. It doesn’t matter if you’re in Tokyo, Dallas, Miami, Edmonton, Seattle, or Burnaby, online trophy shops offer a web catalog of glass and crystal award plaques that can be ordered from the comfort of your desk, designed, personalized, and delivered anywhere in the world, all within 2 weeks. 

*Pro-tip When ordering award plaques online, choose a supplier that does all of their sandblast and laser engraving in-house. This usually means better quality control and faster lead time. 


Choosing an employee recognition awards supplier

  1. How long have you been in business?

    A couple of years may mean the company is eager, yet inexperienced. 10 years or more and you know they are probably pretty great at what they do to have survived that long. 

  2. Do you produce your plaques and awards in-house?
    Some companies outsource all design and production. Others do design and production in-house, which typically means better quality control.

  3. Do you have any setup charges or personalization charges?
    Be aware of any hidden fees, charges per letter/word, and add on-costs

  4. What guarantees do you provide?
    Safe and on-time delivery are important. So is quality and workmanship.

  5. Do you provide artwork proofs with every order?

    Some companies don’t provide artwork proofs, or they may charge for them. Some may charge you to make design changes or updates.

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When to present employee recognition awards?

Consider presenting award plaques whenever you want to mark a very special occasion, accomplishment, or milestone. Using award plaques at your event helps to capture people’s attention and conveys a sense that something special and important is happening, which in turn amplifies the intended message of recognition and appreciation.

Consider presenting personalized award plaques for any of the following occasions or programs:

  • Employee recognition awards

  • Certifications programs

  • Top sales awards

  • Safety awards

  • Volunteer awards

  • Donor recognition 

  • Exemplary leadership

  • Corporate product launch

  • Board gifts

  • Marking special milestones

  • Teamwork awards

  • Retirement gifts

  • Association awards & membership

  • Real estate transactions

  • Attaining fundraising goals

  • Years of service awards

Because of their versatility, crystal and wood award plaques can be personalized for virtually any event, accomplishment, or occasion. If you have any award plaque design ideas you’d like to explore, get in touch, we’re happy to help!


Employee Recognition Awards by Eclipse Awards - What Sets Us Apart?

Since day one, Eclipse Awards has specialized in making crystal and wood award plaques. Over the past 20 years we’ve created tens of thousands of customized and personalized award plaques that people absolutely love! Our designers know how to make brilliant award plaques, and our team of experienced artisans includes masterful sandcarvers who are skilled at bringing them to life. We deliver value by curating a collection of timeless and popular award plaque styles that can be branded for your organization and individually personalized for each recipient. We only offer award plaque designs that are popular and proven. You can order from us with confidence, knowing that your award plaques will be made to the highest standards, with care and attention to detail that makes each one a treasure to last a lifetime.