A Message from the President, April 2020

Mar 31, 2020 | All Blog Posts

Hello friends and colleagues!

We hope you are staying safe and connected during these unusual times. The last few weeks have brought about major changes that have been both frightening and exhilarating in the speed at which they’ve happened. I say exhilarating because these changes have shown just how adaptable and resilient we can be.

During these weeks of social distancing and isolation, we’re also witnessing a surge of inspiring everyday heroes who are risking their health to ensure that important services and products remain accessible. We’re seeing people turning towards each other to make sure we’re all ok. And we’re hearing about communities sharing their time and resources to make sure we all have enough. We’re watching spontaneous displays of gratitude appear in society. Wherever we look, we can find uplifting stories of kindness, service to others, generosity, sacrifice, effort, leadership, cooperation and love...amidst the chaos, all the wonderful qualities of humans are on full display!  

Now more than ever, it is vital to recognize and thank the people that are stepping up in response to this pandemic. It’s vital to let them know they are valued and appreciated; to boost them with the uplifting positive energy that recognition can provide. One powerful way to communicate gratitude is to share a sincere message of thanks, coupled with an intentionally crafted gift that symbolizes your gratitude. These gifts, in the form of customized awards or plaques, can communicate your message for years to come. And so at Eclipse Awards we remain open to serve you; to create beautiful things that help you recognize and celebrate the amazing people in your community. 

Some awards events have been postponed or cancelled in the name of social distancing, which is important. Some organizations are choosing to forego their event, but recognize recipients at their home, some times in conjunction with an online virtual event. There are creative solutions for those who are committed to recognizing and appreciating the people in their community, so in that spirit we are offering our Awards Presenter’s Toolkit which includes:

  • 15-Day Delivery
    Even without an event, it’s important to have a reliable date to plan around. We'll ensure that your order is safely delivered within 15 worry-free business.

  • Delivery Notification
    Upon request, we’ll notify you when each of your recipients has received their package. 

  • Free Drop Shipments & Discounted Shipping
    Getting each award delivered safely means added logistics and handling, but that's what we do! We are waiving all handling and packaging fees for drop-shipments, and also providing you with a 50% special discount off of posted UPS rates.
  • Custom Letter Insertion
    Since you won’t be there to congratulate them in person, why not include a personalized note? Say "Thank You", "You Are Awesome", "Congratulations" or any message you like. We’re waiving our $10 fee to print and insert a custom, personalized card to each of your recipients, along with their award.

We trust these tools will help you recognize some of the special people in your community. Meanwhile, you can rest assured that our team is taking extra precautions to keep everyone safe. To continue to serve you, we are now working remotely and on a reduced schedule of 9am-3pm PST. We are still able to design and produce your awards in-house, ensuring that everything is cleaned and handled properly, while also maintaining the quality you expect from us.

With your success and safety in mind, we are always here to help and support you. Take care, stay safe, and thank you.


Toby Sig

Toby Barazzuol