Community Sponsorship Highlights: Grades of Green

Jan 09, 2020 | All Blog Posts

We love supporting organizations that actively recognize the leadership and dedication of ordinary people investing in their community. So we were honoured to sponsor Grades of Green’s annual awards this year which celebrated the success of their inaugural 2019 Waste Campaign.

The mission of Grades of Green is to inspire and empower students and their school community to care for the environment. This year, 80 Student Campaign Teams in 42 cities from 11 countries educated their peers and government officials about waste issues specific to their area. 

We appreciate how thoughtfully and effectively Grades of Green mobilized these students! All Campaign Teams were paired with a Grades of Green Mentor to receive customized support for their Campaign Project. Not an easy feat since each team had to identify and research their local waste issues, develop a solution to an issue, and then share that solution by creating a call to action in their community to bring about real-world change. Impressive indeed!

Here is Juliette Hart, winner of the Best Adult Lead Award, being recognized with one of our customized, organic Neighbourhood Wood Trophies on Earth Day 2019 by the co-directors of Grades of Green.


To amplify the sustainability message of the Grades of Green Awards we provided them with some our earth-friendly, green trophies, personalized especially for their event.