Office Bliss: How Happiness Fuels Success

Mar 30, 2012 | All Blog Posts
The Importance of Happiness at Work

We're firm believers that happy staff are more engaged, motivated and resilient.  This is great news for any organization because it means you can actually increase your chances of success by focussing on the happiness of your people!

So when we saw this infographic we had to share it.  We are all social creatures and each of us belongs to many communities. Oftentimes our work community is the one we are most involved in, so it makes sense that this should be one of the places we are most happy.  Think about it...every company and organization is made up of people - they are the social capital.  Do you want your most important asset to be happy and thriving, or disengaged and unproductive?

Developing a culture of recognition and appreciation is one of the most effective ways to encourage happiness in your workplace. We've seen this in company after company, year after year, and so thought we'd share a few of the simple ideas that we've seen work well in this article for Small Business BC.

What are some of the things that you do to encourage happiness at your workplace?