Eclipse Awards - our new power source

Mar 09, 2011 | All Blog Posts

We’re proud to announce that Eclipse Awards has become one of the first companies in North America to be 100% powered by green natural gas.  This means that all of the natural gas that we use to heat our building and water (123 gigajoules in 2010) is now harnessed from organic waste materials decaying in landfills instead of non-renewable fossil fuels.  Add this to the fact that we’re already 100% green electricity powered, all of our operations are powered by sustainable energy through bullfrog power.

Why is this important?  To us, it’s simply part of our continued efforts to reduce our footprint on the environment, while also leading by example.  So when clients choose to work with us for their recognition awards, they’re not only making a great business decision, they’re also making the best decision that they can for the environment.  It’s an extension of our commitment to excellence in service, workmanship, reliability and social responsibility.

At Eclipse, our goal is to maximize the beauty and value that we create, while also minimizing the resources that we consume - and we’re proud of the commitments we’ve made in the process.  Nearly two years ago, after redesigning our office with energy efficient lighting and adding extensive skylights for lots of natural light, we made the commitment to become 100% wind powered for all of our remaining use of electricity. Now, with the addition of 100% green natural gas, we’re helping to create a market for a sustainable energy source, while also finding a way to create more value out of waste materials.

To learn more about how green natural gas is produced and what it’s benefits are, take a look at this video:

Energy is something we all use, often without thinking about it. Once you’ve reduced your energy consumption as much as possible, consider some of the creative alternatives out there to reduce your footprint even more.  You might even enjoy yourself in the process!