Wood is a natural, organic and timeless material that has always been valued and revered. Wood awards have a warmth and beauty that invites people to hold and admire them.
These environmentally friendly awards celebrate regeneration and nature! We plant two trees for every award sold.
Ideal for display on a desk or shelf.
One Tree Planted
Eclipse Awards plants one tree for each of these awards sold.
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True North Wood Award - Maple

Send your message of appreciation with True North Wood Award Trophies ! Eco-friendly & personalized with your choice of solar powered Laser Engraving or Cosmo Colour!
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Presentation Box: White cardboard   |   Product Material: Maple

Please select your pieces below. You have the ability to personalize your awards during the checkout process.

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    • 11.00"H x 3.50"W x 1.50"D TN-M
    • 4.00LBS.
    • $180.00 USD
    • $171.00 USD
    • $162.00 USD
    • $153.00 USD
    • $144.00 USD


True North Wood Award - Maple OPTIONS

  1. 2nd Surface Marking: Choose this option to add marking to a 2nd surface. Note that all pieces include customized marking on one surface. 
  2. Add additional nameplates (email me with quote): When customer wants to add more nameplates to the perpetual plaque then the one that is included, we will email them to get more details then offer a quote. 
  3. UV Color Print: A full color UV print onto any flat surface of your award.
  4. Studio Photo of Award: A high resolution, professional studio photograph of your award, for use in promotions and communications.
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