Glass has been prized and admired for centuries. People love looking at and holding glass, making it a perfect material for plaques and awards. Jade glass has a subtle green-blue tint, creating a nice contrast with the sandblasted engraving.
Ideal for display on a desk or shelf.
Multiple Sizes
These award styles are available in multiple sizes. Helpful for maintaining consistency when there are various levels of recognition.
Two Trees Planted
Eclipse Awards plants two trees for each of these awards sold.
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Sunrise Glass Award

The Sunrise Award recognizes accomplishment with an eye towards continued success each new day. The award consists of a half circle that is curved slightly to allow it to stand freely. One of our most popular and versatile recognition awards.
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Presentation Box: Patterned Cardboard   |   Product Material: Jade Glass

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    • 1-9
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    • M
    • 6.00"H x 11.25"W x 2.25"D CS-3045
    • 2.00LBS.
    • $160.00 USD
    • $152.00 USD
    • $144.00 USD
    • $136.00 USD
    • $128.00 USD

    • L
    • 7.00"H x 13.00W x 2.50"D CS-3047
    • 2.60LBS.
    • $180.00 USD
    • $171.00 USD
    • $162.00 USD
    • $153.00 USD
    • $144.00 USD


Sunrise Glass Award OPTIONS

  1. Color Fill - Silver (+$50): Add silver color fill to highlight an engraved area. Details determined during design stage. 
  2. Color Fill - 24K Gold (+$70): Add a premium 24K gold fill to accent an engraved area and make it sparkle! Details determined during design.
  3. Color Fill - Black (+$50): Add black color fill to accent an engraved area. Details determined during design stage.
  4. Color Fill - Gold (+$50): Add gold color fill to accent an engraved area. Details determined during design stage.
Additional Notes

Sunrise Glass Award - One award, endless possibilities!