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Premium K9 Optic Crystal for perfect clarity and weight. Valued for their clarity and sparkling brilliance, optic crystal awards symbolize the best of the best.
Wall Mount
Designed to be displayed on a wall and includes brackets or a keyhole slot. Choose wall plaques when you want high visibility or when desktop space is limited.
Multiple Sizes
These award styles are available in multiple sizes. Helpful for maintaining consistency when there are various levels of recognition.
One Tree Planted
Eclipse Awards plants one tree for each of these awards sold.
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High Profile Square Glass Wall Plaque
The High Profile Series of glass plaques is designed to highlight your credentials, brand messaging, or other recognition. High Profile Squares are made from 1/2" thick glass and are available in three sizes. Customized sandblast engraving and two 1" diameter aluminum standoffs are also included. Easy to mount and suitable indoors or outdoors.
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Presentation Box: Kraft Cardboard   |   Product Material: Jade Glass & Aluminum

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    • SIZE
    • WEIGHT
    • 1-5
    • 6-12
    • 13-25
    • 26+
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    • S
    • 6.00"H x 6.00"W x 0.50"D HPS-3
    • 1.75LBS.
    • $90.00 USD
    • $85.50 USD
    • $81.00 USD
    • $72.00 USD

    • M
    • 7.00"H x 7.00W x 0.50"D HPS-5
    • 2.25LBS.
    • $100.00 USD
    • $95.00 USD
    • $90.00 USD
    • $80.00 USD

    • L
    • 8.00"H x 8.00"W x 0.50"D HPS-7
    • 3.00LBS.
    • $120.00 USD
    • $114.00 USD
    • $108.00 USD
    • $96.00 USD

  1. Additional Surface Marking: Most pieces include engraving or other marking on one or more surface. Choose this option to add etching to a surface beyond what the base award price includes.
  2. Color Fill: Per color, per piece in black, white, or silver. Subject to suitable artwork. To request a custom color, please contact your service representative after placing the order (an additional charge will apply)
  3. Color Fill - 24K Gold: 24 karat gold colorfill. Subject to suitable artwork - not suitable for large areas.
  4. Studio Photo of Award: A high resolution, professional studio photograph of your award, for use in promotions and communications.
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