Eclipse Awards: 2023 Year in Review


2023 was a shining year for Eclipse Awards as we slowly emerged from the shadow of the previous years. The importance of community, recognition, appreciation and celebration continue to rise as people yearn for ways to uplift and connect with one another. So as we begin to embrace the opportunity and potential of 2024, we’d like to take a look back at some of the milestones that set this year apart:

  1. Celebrated our 25th anniversary - this year marked a quarter century since we first opened our doors! It’s been a wild ride, making trophies and awards through the rise of the internet, a financial boom and crash, then a global pandemic. Through it all, we’ve remained grounded by focusing on the things we are best at: creating beautiful awards, providing great service, and delivering on our promises. 

  2. Articulated our Social Purpose - though we have pursued sustainability and community building for years, this year we invested the time to express our reason for existing into a clear social purpose statement:

    We exist to empower and uplift communities, making earth-friendly trophies to celebrate everyday people and unite the human spirit!

    This will focus and guide our efforts in the years ahead as we use our skills and resources to help address “isolation and the erosion of social cohesion” which the World Economic Forum identifies as one of the top 5 global challenges. 

  3. Recertified as a Living Wage Employer - in 2010 we became the 8th company in BC to commit to being a Living Wage Employer, and we’ve been one ever since!  2023 was challenging because the Living Wage took a significant jump to reflect the rising cost of living, but this underscored our commitment to care for the well being of our team to ensure we continue making beautiful and happy awards for our clients! 

  4. Planted over 12000 trees - through our partnership with Eden Reforestation and our commitment to plant 2 trees for every award we make, we planted over 12000 mangrove trees in 2023! Mangroves are great for sequestering carbon and regenerating habitats to support biodiversity.  To date, we have planted a total of 70,112 trees!

  5. New website on the way! - in June this year we embarked on a new website design to provide you with the most simple and seamless experience to view and order your awards. We’ll be offering the same awards and services you expect from us, plus some new ones that will surprise and delight you! Stay tuned....

We’re grateful for the opportunity to work with so many wonderful companies and organizations doing great work in the world. You are fellow celebrators who value the people in your communities, and we salute you! 2024 will no doubt bring its share of challenges, but together we’ll focus on the good in people and bringing communities together. 

Wishing you all the best in the year ahead!

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Toby Barazzuol

Recognize. Empower. Repeat. 
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Want some help getting started?

If you have further questions or things that you’ve learned, we encourage you to get in touch with us as we’re always here to help you recognize and appreciate your people, while also honoring our planet! Wishing you all the best in the year ahead — happy gathering and celebrating!

Give us a call or send an email to start a conversation. Tell us about your project or ideas. We are at your service and always happy to share our experience!

Why choose Eclipse Awards?

At Eclipse, sustainability is a priority, not an afterthought. All of our awards and trophies are designed and produced with nature in mind and we focus on organic, natural, and recycled materials like wood and glass. We are also committed to avoiding plastics, acrylics, and toxic chemicals wherever possible.

Eclipse Awards is 100% powered by green energy, including solar energy from our rooftop solar panels. We are carbon neutral and we plant 2 trees for every award we make.

Read more about our sustainability values and commitments here