2013 Successful You Awards - Best Green Business nominee
by Toby Barazzuol on Thursday Nov 29, 2012

2013 Successful You Awards - Best Green Business Nominee Eclipse Awards

We're back! This time Eclipse Awards has been nominated as 2013 Best Green Business in the wildly popular Successful You Awards hosted annually by Small Business BC. We currently hold the title of 2012 Best Employer, but we're excited by the opportunity of being recognized for our sustainability efforts as well.

As in past years, the first round of cuts is determined by online voting, which means we need your vote to make it to the next round. so before we go on, can we ask you to visit our nomination page and vote?  It takes only 1-click and no registration is required. Voting closes on November 30th!  Click here to vote for Eclipse Awards as 2013 Best Green Business

Click here to vote for Eclipse Awards as BC's Greenest Business!

I'm proud of the accomplishments that we've made over the past 8 years in terms of greening our company, and the recognition from this award would help us bring our brand of business to a larger audience and hopefully inspire younger companies to embrace sustainability. 

Maybe you appreciate the green awards that we've designed over the years using recycled glass and reclaimed wood.  Maybe you appreciatethe first greenroof that we built on the Blueberry Building?  Or maybe you prefer the second greenroof that we built atop our current building Strawberry Fields?  People who visit our office are always amazed by the amount of natural light in our workspace - we really only use our electrical lights at night and in the winter.  All the natural light makes it a great place for us to grow plants!

green office space at Eclipse Awards

When we do use gas or electricity, we are 100% bullfrog powered which means all of our electricity comes from wind energy, and our gas comes from methane recapture.  We have also completed ClimateSmart certification twice now, and offset all of our company's emissions from our operations.  In fact, Eclipse Awards was the world's first carbon neutral awards company!

Perhaps you respect the fact that we are Living Wage Employer and were one of the first companies in BC to commit to this program.  Or maybe you just like our style of business!

We hope our consistent and determined drive towards sustainability over the past 8 years has earned your respect.

If it has, please take a moment a vote with a single click to show your support for our efforts.  If you're in the mood, please share this link with your network and ask them to vote as well.

Click here to vote for Eclipse Awards as BC's Greenest Business!

Thank you for your support, and if we win this award we will do our best to share our experiences with other small businesses that are figuring out how to become more sustainable.green award ideas from Eclipse Awards

Sue Chambers - Thursday Dec 6, 2012 at 4:59pm PST
Hi Toby,

Oh darn--I missed the opportunity to officially vote for Eclipse Awards as BC's Greenest business, so I'll cast my unofficial vote here: I vote for Eclipse Awards as BC's Greenest Business. I'll also add that Eclipse Awards is a great source of inspiration for other micro- and small business owners who want their companies to become socially responsible operations!



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