First Annual Paper Airplane Contest
by Toby Barazzuol on Friday May 13, 2011

The last few months we’ve really been pushing ourselves on a lot of great new recognition projects, so we decided to take a little time to have some fun and do something different.

So yesterday we held our first ever Eclipse Awards Paper Airplane Contest for our staff.  Anticipation undulated throughout the week as our extreme Vancouver weather went back and forth between torrential rain and hail to beautiful sunshine.  Luckily, the weather eventually cooperated enough for us to have a BBQ lunch and then launch our paper planes from the green roof.

The wind was strong, but it wasn’t enough to stop our production team who were the big winners of the day, walking away with both prizes for Longest Flight and Longest Hang Time.    Ronan won gift certificates to the local eatery Deacon’s Corner, while CY won the newly minted “Stroll in at Noon” Award (valid for coming into work at noon one day).

Why a paper airplane contest?  Each of us is closely focused on the work that we do.  It takes creativity, close attention to details and experienced craftsmanship to produce beautiful awards under tight timelines.  So the art of designing and making flying origami paper airplanes seemed like a fun way to exercise the same skills, but in a different way.  We also liked the fact that we could do it right at our office, everyone could be involved, and it was a great way to reuse some of the unsolicited fax paper that we had (our friends at ClimateSmart will be happy!)

It makes sense that our production team were the big winners - they’re so skilled with their hands and it shows up in the exceptional awards that they produce every day.  We’re lucky to have them on our team!

If you’re looking for a fun team-building event with a low-carbon footprint, we would definitely recommend a paper airplane contest.  It was so much fun, we might even hold another one this summer....if you're interested, sign up here.



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