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by Toby Barazzuol on Wednesday Sep 29, 2010

Today Eclipse Awards joined dozens of other Vancouver businesses in becoming a founding member of the Businesses for Bikes campaign.  As Vancouver moves towards becoming the greenest city in the world, we need to make decisions as to what modes of transportation we will invest in.

We have always believed that people do their best work when they are healthy and happy, and cycling is a great way to contribute to both health and happiness.  In fact, at Eclipse we have 4 bikes on hand for staff to use at any time and also also offer per/km incentives for those that choose to walk or cycle to work instead of driving.  Less gas, more exercise, faster travel...it just makes good sense.

So in honor of Businesses Supporting Bikes, we're running a guest blog post on "Bike to Work Week" from our friends @FairwarePromo who are avid cyclists.  This was originally posted in on April 13, 2010 and written by Leah Nielsen (twitter: @Leahlink)  We hope you enjoy it!

Bike to Work Week is fast approaching. At Fairware we’re almost ready to go. Half of us have our bikes out for the season and a couple colleagues will be pulling theirs out in the coming weeks. Fairware is well set-up for cycling staff. We have a shower in the bathroom, adequate bike storage, a casual dress code and central Vancouver location. Plus, we love bikes and the passion is contagious.

There are many benefits to businesses that encourage staff to commute by active transportation including better employee retention, less sick days, improved morale, productivity and more. From an employee perspective, it feels good to get a little exercise before and after work and it’s a nice break from public transit. Plus it’s fun!

Here in Vancouver, the Vancouver Area Cycling Coalition manages Bike to Work Week – and helps mobilize workplaces across the Vancouver Region to get staff out of their cars.

Is your workplace ready for the fair weather bike season? If you’re looking for direction, we found some great online guides for helping offices become more bike-friendly. We’ve included a list of our favourite links at the end of this post.

Check out this excellent article in Momentum Magazine which outlines some of the more innovative cash and tax incentives being offered in places like San Francisco, Oregon, the UK, and Australia. Pretty exciting stuff!

How is your office preparing for Bike to Work Week? Leave a comment below.

And stay tuned, we’re in the process of adding more products to the Bike to Work section on our website. It’s filled with useful products to promote your commitment to active lifestyles and sustainable transportation.

Guides to help your office become cycle-friendly:

Employer’s Commuting Guide: Is promoting bike commuting right for you? – San Francisco Bicycle Coalition

Be a Bike Friendly Workplace – Vancouver Area Cycling Coalition

The Cycle-Friendly Workplace: Your step-by-step guide – Australian Government, Department of the Environment and Water Resources, Department of Health and Ageing

A Guide for Employers: Getting your workplace cycle-friendly – London Cycling Campaign

Employer Guide to Bicycle Commuting – Baltimore Metropolitan Council and Baltimore Regional Transportation Board

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