So, you're in charge of planning a golf tournament?
by Toby Barazzuol on Thursday Jul 29, 2010

As the official awards and trophy sponsor of the Professional Golfers' Association of BC (PGA of BC), we often get asked about what it takes to plan a great golf tournament and the role that crystal golf trophies can play.  It takes an incredible amount of organization and logistical planning to create an successful event, and the trophies that you select can make the difference between a good tournament and an unforgettable one.

Too often though, we see event planners overlook trophies for their golf tournament, simply considering them as an afterthought.  In many ways, planning a successful golf tournament is like cooking a great meal - bringing together the right quality ingredients in the right proportions at the right times to create that memorable WOW!-factor. 

Think of your golf trophies as the dessert - after a gourmet meal, everyone expects and looks forward to that perfect finish to cap off the event.  The difference between traditional plastic or tin golf trophies and a beautiful crystal golf trophies is like the difference between twinkies and hand made creme brule - one is predictable at best, while the other leaves you wanting to come back for more.

So if you're in charge of planning a golf event and you want to make it successful and memorable, be sure to budget some resources for trophies and consider these 5 things when choosing your golf trophies:

1.  People love trophies.  From our earliest memories we associate trophies with winning.  Trophies are tangible proof that we are the best at something and they give us something to display and be proud of.  Make sure that your event has some great trophies that people will want to win and compete for.  Crystal golf trophies can lend class and elegance to your event.  Eco-friendly, green golf trophies can underline your commitments to the environment.

2.  Trophies symbolize the stature of your event.  Big golf tournaments require beautiful trophies and awards.  Similarly, beautiful trophies and awards can create big tournaments.  How do you want people to perceive your event?  The trophies that you present will give them a strong visual clue that could be positive or negative.  This is why we recommend using quality made golf trophies for your event.

3.  Your golf trophies will become the lasting symbols of your event.  If you've done it right, the trophies will sit proudly displayed by the winners for years to come.  What message will these silent sentinels be sending out during that time?  How many people will see them?  What will they think of your event and organization?  Be sure that your trophies are creating a positive buzz for years to come!

4.  Quality trophies attract quality sponsors and players.  It's true - people want to be associated with quality and success.  Every year we watch golf event planners grow their tournaments after incorporating a trophy program or using crystal golf trophies.  More players, more sponsors and bigger sponsors.  Word travels quickly, so be sure that your golf tournament is associated with quality and success.

5.  The golf trophies you present are a reflection of your organization.  Quite simply , do you want your organization to be perceived as thoughtful and successful, or careless and unorganized?

With some careful planning and consideration, anyone can organize a successful golf tournament or fundraiser.  Just remember to have all of the important ingredients on hand and make sure you consider quality.  Done properly, beautiful golf trophies can raise your tournament to the next level and help create an unforgettable event.

If you're looking for some assistance or suggestions in planning your golf tournament, contact Nelson at our office - he is a Certified Recognition Professional and would be happy to help.



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