New green FSC wooden frames
by Toby Barazzuol on Thursday Dec 11, 2008

The last few weeks have been pretty exciting as we've worked to develop some cool new green awards.  Crystal awards remain elegant and timeless, yet we see a strong and growing demand for green awards made out of sustainable materials.  Our team has been busy brainstorming and designing new awards with sustainability in mind, and so we're pleased to launch a new line of beautiful FSC cedar frames.

I think frames look beautiful and yet it's what you can't see that I find equally as beautiful. I'm really proud of the work and teamwork that went into making these, especially when you consider the climate smart certificates as well.

The frames are designed to use minimal materials and are made from Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified cedar.  This means that the wood was grown and harvested in an environmentally sustainable and verifiable way.  You can even check on the chain of custody by looking up a certification code that's unique to each batch of wood. The frames are made and assembled by Tradeworks which is a training society aimed at providing skills training and work opportunities for women in Vancouver's Downtown Eastside.  So there are strong social and community ties as well.

The climate smart certificates are something we earned this summer.  They were presented by Ecotrust Canada to verify that Eclipse Awards has completed a comprehensive study and inventory of our environmental footprint and carbon emissions.  It took over a month to gather the data, complete the calculations, and design a reduction plan looking forward 5 years.  Currently, our annual carbon footprint is 32 tonnes.  Not great, but not too bad and we'll be purchasing carbon offsets from Offsetters in the next few weeks so that we can finally become Carbon Neutral.

So at first glance, it simply looks like a nice frame and certificate.  However, it's taken us a few years to get to the point where we could create these pieces.  It's not a matter of simply throwing together some pieces of wood and paper then calling it a green award.  It's about understanding the elegance of good design and the conservation of resources, it's about understanding the social side of community and how business can contribute to building capacity, it's about understanding our evnironmental footprint and taking steps to reduce it, it's about understanding the changing nature of our world and what clients are looking for....it's really about understanding sustainability.

I hope that when people consider our awards, they will not only see beautiful objects, but they will understand the thought and consideration that went into making them.  There's a lot happening beneath the surface at Eclipse Awards and we will continue to use our experience and perspective to develop new green awards that are beautiful on many different levels.

Special thanks to Nelson who has worked hard to make these a reality, to Saul who has helped facilitate some of these new relationships, to the ladies at Tradeworks for their efforts, and to Jim for making it all look good!

Stay tuned as we continue to launch new green awards over the coming months!




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