2016 Ma Murray Awards Celebrate BC's Community Newspapers
by Toby Barazzuol on Monday May 16, 2016

2016 Ma Murray Awards Gala

We recently had the honour and pleasure of attending the BC and Yukon's Community Newspaper Association's 2016 Ma Murray Awards at the River Rock Casino. The annual awards gala is a celebration of excellence amongst community member newspapers and the coveted "Newsboy Awards" recognize all aspects of the newspaper industry including reporting, photography and community contribution. People come from all corners of BC, representing nearly 300 newspapers, to attend this annual event and it's always interesting to hear the different stories from communities across the province!

Eclipse Awards has been supplying the famous BCYCNA Newsboy Awards since 2005 and in 2015 we also became an event sponsor. We've had a long and good relationship with BCYCNA so I was surprised to learn that they have been hosting these awards now for over 90 years - an impressive record indeed!

As with any awards named after a person, it's always interesting to find out more about who that person was. This time we learned more about Ma Murray and the tremendous impact she had on community newspapers and journalism in BC.

Who is Ma Murray?

Local newspapers are important for sharing stories relevant to communities, so it's great to see them celebrated and appreciated! Here are 3 things we love in particular about the Ma Murray Awards:

1. They build community. It's a challenging time for independent community newspapers as they face growing pressure and competition online. This event is a great chance for people from within the industry to get together, commiserate with each other, congratulate each other, and inspire each other to excellence.

2. Award recipients have a chance to speak and say thank you. This is important because it gives the recipients a chance to be heard and seen, which is an important part of feeling appreciated. When you're presenting 45 awards, this can be challenging, however BCYCNA has a good system that moves quickly and yet doesn't feel rushed.

Receiving a Newsboy Award

3.They understand the value of celebration. Hosting the Ma Murray Awards is a big investment in both time and resources, yet they are committed to it because they know the value that it brings to strengthening their community and industry.

Once again, kudos to BCYCNA on hosting another successful awards gala. Be sure to support your independent community newspapers and we hope to see you at the 2017 Ma Murray Awards, already confirmed for May 6, 2017!




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