All products ordered from Eclipse Awards include the graphic design and layout of your award.  Our graphic designers are all professionals with backgrounds in visual arts, meaning you can count on us to provide high quality proofs.

At time of order, most clients simply provide us with verbiage, logo and simple instructions on their wishes in regards to the layout.  Our graphic designers in most cases make decisions about visual layout, fonts (if not instructed), etc.  Because a proof is always sent, clients always have the ability to make further changes.

Layout options
If you have any specific instructions on how you would like us to layout your awards, please include them in your order.  For orders placed online, there is a specific section to allow for layout instructions. 

If you need assistance in deciding how to layout your order, please view the Tips and Advice section.

Font options
Eclipse Awards graphic designers have access to hundreds of different font styles.   If you have a particular font you would like us to use, simply indicate so in your order.  In most cases we have access to the font, but there are some instances in which we may require the client to email the font.

The following are a set of select fonts commonly used by our graphic designer.  If you would like us to use any of these particular fonts, simply indicate so in your instructions.

If no font instructions are included, our graphic designer will use his judgment to select an appropriate font.  The customer can always request changes at the proofing stage.



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