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Neighborhood Wood Trophy with Cosmo Color

Neighborhood Awards are perfect for organizations that value sustainability and organic materials! These versatile, eco-friendly awards are made from solid maple wood slabs and can be fully customized and branded with your colored graphics!
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Presentation Box: Kraft Cardboard   |   Product Material: Maple

Please select your pieces below. You have the ability to personalize your awards during the checkout process.

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    • S
    • 5.00"H x 5.00"W x 1.37"D NH-3-UV
    • 0.85LBS.
    • $90.00 USD
    • $85.50 USD
    • $81.00 USD
    • $72.00 USD

    • M
    • 7.00"H x 7.00W x 1.37"D NH-5-UV
    • 1.90LBS.
    • $110.00 USD
    • $104.50 USD
    • $99.00 USD
    • $88.00 USD

    • L
    • 9.00"H x 9.95"W x 1.37"D NH-7-UV
    • 3.15LBS.
    • $135.00 USD
    • $128.25 USD
    • $121.50 USD
    • $108.00 USD


Neighborhood Wood Trophy with Cosmo Color OPTIONS

  1. 2nd Surface Marking: Choose this option to add marking to a 2nd surface. Note that all pieces include customized marking on one surface. 
  2. Studio Photo of Award: A high resolution, professional studio photograph of your award, for use in promotions and communications.
Additional Notes

Neighborhood Wood Trophy - Design Inspirations: 

Wooden trophies and awards are warm and inviting. People just love how they look, feel and smell, especially once they've been personalized and engraved with our solar powered laser! Have a look at some of the designs below to inspire your wood awards. If you prefer something with a live bark edge, check out the extremely popular Vancouver Awards, or Cascadia Wood Plaques if you want wall-mounted.

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