A wooden trophy is simply any recognition award, or award plaque that is made from wood. Customized wood trophies are extremely popular and a great way to say thank you or appreciate someone. They can be designed and personalized for any occasion and are often used for sustainability awards, green initiatives, donor recognition, workplace awards, business awards, certification programs, student recognition, and conservation efforts.

We offer a unique collection of eco-friendly trophies and custom wood awards that people love to feel, hold and touch! We’ve spent over a decade developing and refining our wood trophy designs, so you won’t find them anywhere else. We design each wood trophy to convey your special message, working with the unique grain and texture of every piece. Then we laser engrave your artwork with our solar powered laser, infusing each wooden trophy with clean and uplifting energy from the sun! The result? Awesome wooden trophies that make people feel really special and appreciated!

Many people who receive a personalized wood trophy consider theirs to be priceless and display them for years as a heartwarming reminder of feeling appreciated.

Why are wood trophies made by Eclipse Awards special?

Our wood trophies, wooden awards and engraved wood plaques are all extremely popular, partly because sustainability and earth-friendly options are on everyone’s mind, but even more so because people love their warm and organic feel. Our wooden trophies and plaques convey a sense of authenticity and modesty that many people appreciate. In fact, some clients find it easier to present or accept wooden trophies because they express appreciation without feeling showy or extravagant.

Our wood awards are made from salvaged windfallen trees, reclaimed urban timbers, and other recycled woods. We primarily work with Big Leaf Maple (Acer macrophyllum) because of its warm grain, its beautifully distinctive bark, and it is native to and abundant in Southwestern BC. We plant 2 mangrove trees for every wood trophy we make, and don’t forget, free solar laser engraving is included on all wood trophies!

There’s something warm and reassuring about holding custom wooden trophies like Neighborhood Award, especially when they are engraved with a personalized message of gratitude. You'll love presenting our earth-friendly wood award plaques because people love receiving them! A handcrafted wooden trophy will be treasured for a lifetime as a heartwarming reminder of feeling recognized, appreciated, and celebrated.


When to present wood trophies?

Present eco-friendly engraved wood trophies whenever you want to mark a very special occasion or accomplishment with a lasting tribute. Wood awards can be used for all types of recognition, though they are particularly effective when recognizing leadership in sustainability, conservation, and environmental leadership. Many people appreciate the authenticity and subtlety offered by wooden trophies, but make no mistake, using wood awards at your event will help capture people’s attention and create a feeling that something extraordinary is happening. 

Custom wood trophies work well for any of these occasions or programs:
  • Conservation leadership

  • Donor recognition 

  • Retirement gifts

  • Sustainability excellence

  • Safety awards

  • Energy conservation

  • New stock issues

  • Real estate transactions

  • Attaining fundraising goals

  • Years of service awards

  • Volunteer awards

  • Exemplary leadership

  • Student Awards

  • Employee recognition awards

  • Years of service awards

  • Top sales awards

  • Corporate product launch

  • Board gifts

  • Golf trophies

  • Teamwork awards

  • Certification programs

  • Green product launch

Our wooden trophies and plaques can be personalized for any event, accomplishment, milestone, or occasion that you want to recognize. Plus we'll make them look awesome, so that you can look and feel great when your awards are presented! 

Have a wooden trophy design idea that you’d like to explore? Get in touch, we’re here to help!


Where to order wood trophies online?

With many trophy stores and retail showrooms still closed, it makes sense to order your wooden trophies online. But not every trophy shop specializes in, or even offers wooden trophy plaques, so choose carefully. 

Wherever you are in the world, choosing an online trophy shop like Eclipse Awards allows you to order wood trophies from the comfort of your home or office, and have them personalized and delivered within 3 weeks! And if you need them sooner, rush services are available as well. 

*Pro-tip: Choose a wooden trophy supplier that does all of their laser engraving in-house to ensure higher quality and faster lead times. Bonus points of their laser engraver is solar powered :)

How much do wood trophies cost?

Wooden awards and trophies cost from $75 to $200 each, with options at every price point in between. Cost is determined by size, shape, species, thickness, and finish of the wood. 

To make things simple, Eclipse Awards offers wooden trophies (like this custom engraved wooden Cascadia Plaque) at fixed, all-in prices. Our prices include all layout and design, digital artwork proofs, individual personalization, solar laser engraving, and guaranteed on-time delivery. There are no setup charges or hidden fees and only shipping is extra. And if you're ordering from the US, no taxes are applied! Order with confidence, knowing the price you see is the price you will pay! 

Pro tip! Order our “made to order” wooden trophies to save time and money. The ecofriendly trophies in our House Collection are popular and readily available, plus the product design has already been done. We use your logo and text to design custom artwork for your chosen pieces, then laser engrave that artwork to produce beautiful wooden trophies and plaques that are branded and personalized exactly as you wish. Our proven process takes 3 weeks from design to delivery and produces awesome wooden trophies, every time!

 How to order wood trophies

There are 3 ways to order custom wooden trophies from Eclipse Awards:

  1. Online: visit https://www.eclipseawards.com/awards/eco-friendly, add your favorite wooden trophies to your cart, then head to the checkout where you can add personalization details, upload files, and let us know when you need them by. Or send us those details later if you don't have them yet. That will start a design process that will take 1-3 days. Don’t worry, we never charge your card or produce anything until we have your signed artwork approval. 

  2. Email:  your details to orders@eclipseawards.com with as much or as little as you have available. Your dedicated service representative will follow up to gather any remaining details and get your order underway.

  3. Phone: call us at 888-294-7121 and speak to real people who are here to help you. 

However you choose to order, the first thing you will see from us is an email order confirmation summarizing your order and timeline. If any details are missing, we will reach out to you to gather them. Then we begin a design process to create the custom artwork for your wood trophies, which we email you as a digital artwork proof (pdf). 

Please review your artwork proof as soon as possible to keep your order moving. You can either approve it if everything looks good, or request design changes. We offer unlimited design revisions at no charge, until you approve your artwork proof. We will never produce your order until we have your artwork approval.

Once we have your artwork approval, production begins immediately, so no further design changes are possible. We then mark your wood trophies with your custom artwork, clean them up, inspect them for quality, pack them safely for shipping, then let you know when your order ships out. 

Throughout the whole order process, we keep you in the loop with a series of email updates that let you know what stage you are at. Of course you’re always free to check in on the status of your order anytime by phone or email!

Wooden Trophy Design Ideas

Looking for ideas or inspiration? Consider some of the wooden trophies we've designed and created:

How to choose a wooden trophy supplier

When selecting a supplier of wooden trophy plaques, ask a few of these questions to help you choose a good partner:

  1. How long have you been in business?
    Eclipse Awards has been making awesome awards & trophies since 1998

  2. Do you have any setup charges or design charges?
    Eclipse Awards has no setup charges, minimum orders or hidden fees.

  3. What guarantees do you provide?
    Eclipse Awards provides guaranteed on-time and safe delivery, or your order is free. 

  4. Do you provide artwork proofs with every order?
    Eclipse Awards provides free graphic design services and free digital artwork proofs with every order. Change requests are free and unlimited. 

  5. Where is your wood sourced from ?
    Eclipse Awards uses salvaged windfallen trees, reclaimed urban timbers and sustainably harvested wood.

Asking a few of these questions will help you select a great wooden trophy maker that will be both a good supplier and reliable partner.


Wood Trophies by Eclipse Awards - Why Choose Us?

Eclipse Awards is on a mission to make earth-friendly trophies and recognition awards that celebrate the human spirit! Over the past 20 years we’ve created thousands and thousands of customized and personalized wood trophies that people cherish, covet, and love! Our designers know how to make wooden trophies look awesome and our experienced artisan engravers bring the trophy designs to life with our solar powered laser engraver. We create value for you by delivering one of a kind, individually personalized wood trophies and award plaques that you can use to recognize, uplift, empower and engage the special people in your community. 

We only offer popular and time-tested wooden trophy styles so that you can order with confidence, knowing that your order will be made to the highest standards with care, attention to detail, and a dash of magic to make each of your wooden trophy plaques stand out.

Ready to get your wooden trophy order underway? Let us help you make something special for the people that are important to you!


Recognize. Empower. Repeat. 

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