Crystal Award Trophies

What are Crystal Recognition Awards?

Crystal awards are premium recognition pieces made from ultra clear glass and personalized with sandblast engraving.

Crystal awards are widely considered the gold standard in the world of recognition awards, and are often used to celebrate exceptional achievements, important milestones, and special people. 

A well-made, engraved crystal award will shine for a lifetime - a sparkling and personalized reminder of feeling recognized, appreciated, and celebrated!

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About Our Unique Custom Crystal Awards

We offer a curated collection of some of the finest high end crystal awards in a variety of styles and shapes, all of which can be personalized exactly as you wish. Each award we offer has been selected for its quality, timeless design, its popularity, and its brilliance. So you can order any of our crystal awards with confidence, knowing that it will compliment and elevate your message of recognition and appreciation. 

Our crystal award plaques can also help elevate the stature of your recognition program or corporate awards ceremony. When people witness sparkling crystal trophies being presented, it adds a sense of excitement and importance to the event, which also helps to raise the experience for the presenters, recipients, and audience. 

When someone see their name engraved in their crystal award, they are usually amazed by how it's done and impressed by how cool it looks! Even more importantly, they can immediately see and understand their award is unique and thoughtfully made especially for them, which elevates the intended message of recognition and appreciation.

Many who receive personalized crystal awards consider their awards to be priceless!

Where can I buy crystal awards?

When shopping for quality crystal awards, choose a maker like Eclipse Awards that does all design and sandblast engraving in-house. We are a well-known and trusted supplier of premium crystal awards and high end crystal trophies. We offer free engraving and a variety of unique styles to choose from. We ship throughout Canada, the US, and anywhere else in the world.  

Crystal has captured people’s imaginations since it was first invented. People love to hold it and to feel its solid weight, and its smooth, polished surfaces. Crystal is synonymous with excellence and clarity, in addition to being perceived as luxurious, valuable and desirable. So it's hardly a surprise why organizations love presenting unique crystal awards from Eclipse Awards...because people love receiving them! 

Pro tip: when buying crystal awards, the words “trophies” and “awards” are often used interchangeably. Some prefer to say trophies when referring to sports events and awards for business events, but there are no hard rules. In many ways, crystal trophies, crystal plaques, crystal awards, and crystal awards plaques are all part of the same group. 


The ability to recognize and appreciate people is a leadership skill.

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Crystal awards: customized vs. personalized

Customized or Custom Crystal Awards are one-of-a-kind crystal trophies designed specifically for an organization’s event or recognition program. We specialize in “made to order” crystal awards, which means using existing award shapes and then customizing them through sandblast engraving to make them unique.

Custom, made to order crystal awards save you time and money by using proven and popular award styles. We then go through a design process that incorporates your logos and text into a unique design for the pieces you have selected. This process creates brilliant, personalized crystal awards that are awesome every time!

Some examples of custom crystal recognition awards that we’ve made:


Approximately 20% of the orders we produce are customized crystal Awards. Done well (and we’ve done some beautiful ones!), custom awards are unique, impressive and memorable. Successful custom projects start with a clear vision, a solid budget, and a realistic timeline. Keep in mind though that making custom awards typically costs a bit more and takes a bit longer than using prefab crystal awards. Often we can achieve similar results at a lower cost by personalizing our prefab crystal awards. 

Have a custom corporate awards project in mind? Here are some things to consider before ordering your custom crystal recognition awards

What are personalized crystal awards?

Personalized Crystal Awards are made using ready-to-go, prefab crystal “blanks” that we engrave with your unique text and artwork to create one of a kind crystal awards.

Ordering personalized crystal awards can reduce lead times by up to 80%, and reduce costs by as much as 50% when compared to ordering custom crystal awards! 

Our online awards catalog includes timeless and popular award styles that can be personalized for any occasion. We carry these on hand at Eclipse Awards, read to go as soon as your order arrives. Then we personalize them for you through custom graphic design that incorporates your details, and elegant sandblast engraving.

When you order personalized crystal awards, more of your money goes towards quality and craftsmanship, and less into developing novel custom award designs and prototypes.  


Engraved Crystal Award Example - New Horizon

Here are 3 corporate recognition awards that you can order with personalization right now:


Crystal Innovation Trophy

The Crystal Innovation Award has symmetry and balance. A modern and versatile award that features brilliant crystal, faceted sides, and large engravable area for personalization. 


Regeneration Trophy

Recognize the spirit of renewal and growth with the Regeneration Crystal Trophy!
This 1.5" thick solid desktop award is accented with green crystal leaves.  


Crystal Silhouette Award

Smooth and curved lines lend elegance to the visually stunning Crystal Silhouette Award!
This award includes custom engraving on both the face and the base.

80% of the crystal trophies we produce are personalized prefab crystal awards because they offer great value. By personalizing prefab crystal awards with great custom design and engraving, we provide an efficient, streamlined, and cost effective approach to producing awesome personalized crystal awards, every time! 

To order your personalized awards, head over to our premium crystal awards catalog online now.  

crystal awards vs. crystal trophies: what is the difference?

Although the words “trophies” and “awards” do have slightly different definitions, many people use the terms almost interchangeably, and we do as well.  

The dictionary defines “trophy” as: something gained or given in victory, especially when preserved or mounted as a memorial.

An “award” is defined as: something that is conferred or bestowed especially on the basis of merit or need. 

So trophies and awards are very similar, and in many ways, they are the same thing. However, if you want to differentiate between them, here are a few more observations that may help:

  • A trophy is a type of award. All trophies are awards but not all awards are trophies.

  • Some awards are determined based on subjective considerations, whereas trophies are presented based on objective considerations (ie winning a tournament)

  • Some say “You win a trophy; you earn an award.”

  • A trophy sometimes has sports implications, while awards tend to be business related

Trophies and awards are both objects that are personalized and presented for the purposes of recognition and celebration, so we use the words “trophy” and “award” interchangeably, and you can too! 


Where to order crystal awards online?

As many trophy stores and retail showrooms are closed indefinitely due to the pandemic, it makes sense to order your crystal trophies online. It doesn’t matter if you’re in Toronto, Dallas, Edmonton, Detroit, Bellingham or Calgary, you no longer need to find a trophy shop near you. Simply find an online trophy shop like Eclipse Awards that offers free engraving, no setup charges, a variety of quality crystal awards and plaques that you can order and personalize from your desk, and have delivered within 3 weeks!

*Pro-tip: Choose an awards and trophy supplier that does all of their sandblast engraving in-house to ensure higher quality and faster lead times. 


How much do crystal awards cost?

Crystal awards cost between $75 to $250 each, with options at every price point. Cost is mostly determined by the size, shape, and quality of crystal. Eclipse Awards offers crystal awards at fixed, all-in prices that include design, artwork proofs, personalization and engraving. With no setup charges or hidden fees, you can order with confidence knowing the price you see is the price you will pay. 

Custom crystal awards with uniquely designed shapes and sizes can be produced upon request. For customized crystal awards, other factors that may affect cost are: 

  • number of awards needed

  • shape, size and color requirements

  • type of marking used for personalization (sandblast engraving or UV printing)

  • the style of presentation box, if needed

  • your budget and the lead time you have available 

Pro tip! Ordering “off-the-shelf” from our catalog is the fastest and most cost effective way to produce personalized crystal awards because much of the award design has already been done. We simply create custom artwork for you and then sandblast engrave it to produce beautiful crystal awards, branded and personalized exactly as you wish. 

As well, consider these points before ordering fully customized crystal awards:

  • Some companies may charge a design fee to design your custom award, so that is important to clarify before your project gets underway. 

  • Developing new custom award designs may require investing in molds and/or prototypes to ensure the final pieces will be stable and well balanced, which can add to the overall cost and timeline. 

  • Your custom crystal awards will be one of a kind, so you may want to order a few extra pieces to have on hand, in case you ever need more on short notice. 

Crystal awards are awesome and can be impressive without breaking the bank, as long as you can have some flexibility in your vision. 

Ready to make your crystal awards a reality? Browse our catalog of premium crystal awards, choose your favorites, then let’s get your project underway!


How are crystal awards made?

Crystal awards are typically cut from large sheets of optically clear glass known as K9 optic crystal. K9 optically clear glass is distortion free and known for creating beautiful rainbow prisms when placed in bright light. All crystal award components are cut, polished, and assembled by hand, which means that experience and craftsmanship are very important to creating beautiful pieces.

Prefab crystal awards are kept on hand and ready to go, just waiting to be personalized. When you place your order, we incorporate your personalization details into a custom design that we sandblast engrave onto the crystal to create a uniquely personalized crystal award. Our process allows us to create one award, or hundreds!

To learn more about the properties of K9 Glass, also known as K9 Optic Crystal, visit Wikipedia

Crystal-trophies_unique-modern-corporate-trophy_personalized-award_canada-handmade (1)

How to order crystal awards

If you’re preparing to order bespoke crystal awards from an online supplier, consider these points as you’re getting underway:

  1. Who are you recognizing and how many recognition awards will you be presenting?

    1. Will all awards be the same size and style?

    2. Different recognition levels may require different sized awards

  2. When would you like your awards to be delivered by? 

    1. Different suppliers offer different lead times, so be sure to plan accordingly to keep costs low. Our lead time is 15 business days. The more time you can provide however, the better. 

  3. What to include on your awards. 

    1. Need help with ideas and wordings suggestions for your crystal awards? Download our free Award Design Guide pdf.

    2. If you have your personalization details and logo files ready, you can upload them when placing your order online. 

    3. Even if you don’t have your personalization details or logo ready, you can still place your order and our team will help you craft the perfect message and graphics for your awards order!

Ordering personalized crystal awards is as simple as gathering a few details and then selecting the awards you’d like to personalize. There are 3 ways that you can get your order underway:

  1. Online. Place your order at www.eclipseawards.com. Add the crystal awards you want to personalize to your cart and let us know when you’d like them delivered by. Upload your personalization details during the checkout process, or provide them at a later time if you don’t have them ready yet.

  2. Email. Send your order details to orders@eclipseawards.com and include what you have ready and available. Your dedicated service representative will follow up to gather any remaining personalization details. 

  3. Phone. Call us at 888-294-7121 with your order details, and speak to real people who are here to help you and answer any questions. 

However you choose to order from us, the first thing you will see is an email order confirmation that summarizes your order and timeline. Then we begin a design process to create the custom artwork for your trophies, which we email you as a digital artwork proof (pdf). 

Review your artwork proof closely for grammar, spelling, punctuation and important details. Then you can either approve it if everything looks good, or request changes. You can request unlimited design revisions at no charge, until you approve the artwork proof. We never start engraving your awards until you have approved your artwork!

Once you have approved your artwork, no further changes are possible because we start production immediately. When then engrave your crystal awards, clean them, inspect them, then safely pack them for shipping. We let you know once your order has shipped out. 

Throughout the whole order process, we keep you in the loop with a series of email order updates that let you know where we are in the whole process. Of course you’re always free to check in on the status of your order anytime!

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Choosing a crystal awards supplier

When selecting a crystal awards supplier to work with, ask a few of these questions to help you choose a good vendor partner:

  1. How long have you been in business?

A couple of years may mean the company is eager, yet inexperienced. 10 years or more and you know they are probably pretty great at what they do to have survived that long. We've been making awesome crystal awards for 24 years and counting!

    2. Do you produce your trophies and awards in-house?

Some companies outsource all design and production. Others do design and production in-house, which typically means better quality control. Some companies offer free engraving while others charge for it. We offer free sandblast engraving by our experienced crystal artisans, all done in house!

     3. Do you have any setup charges or design charges?

Be aware of any hidden fees or add on-costs. We have no setup charges or hidden fees!

     4. What guarantees do you provide?

Safe and on-time delivery are important. So is quality and workmanship. As Canada's leading crystal awards supplier, we offer guaranteed on-time and safe delivery or your order is free!

     5. Do you provide artwork proofs with every order?

Some companies don’t provide artwork proofs, or may charge for them. Some charge you to make design changes or updates. We offer free graphic design with digital artwork proofs, plus you can request unlimited design revisions at no charge! 

     6. How do you contribute to the community or environment?

  Support the companies you believe in, that share your values. Sustainability, regeneration, community building....here's what we're up to!

Asking a few of these questions will help you select a great corporate awards maker that will be both a good supplier and reliable partner.

10 Reasons to Choose Eclipse Awards

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When to present glass or crystal awards?

Present engraved crystal awards whenever you want to mark a very special occasion or accomplishment with a lasting tribute. Using high end crystal awards at your event captures people’s attention and helps create a sense that something special and important is happening. In turn, this amplifies the message of recognition and appreciation intended by the award. 

Personalized crystal recognition awards can be used for any of the following occasions or programs:

  • Retirement gifts

  • New stock issues

  • Real estate transactions

  • Attaining fundraising goals

  • Years of service awards

  • Volunteer awards

  • Donor recognition 

  • Exemplary leadership

  • Employee recognition awards

  • Years of service awards

  • Top sales awards

  • Safety awards

  • Corporate product launch

  • Board gifts

  • Sports trophies

  • Teamwork awards

Crystal and glass awards can be personalized for virtually any event, accomplishment, milestone, or occasion. Have an award or trophy design idea you’d like to explore? Get in touch, we’re happy to help!

What to write on a crystal award?

Once you’ve selected the crystal awards you’d like to order, it’s time to think about how to personalize them and what to write on them. When considering what to put on a crystal award, keep these tips in mind:

  1. Keep it simple. The crystal award itself elevates and amplifies your message of recognition, so you don’t need a lot of wording. If you have a lot to say, write it on a card or express it when presenting the award.

  2. Add their name. Engraving a person’s name onto their crystal award makes it so much more meaningful. It shows your intention to make something special, just for them. A personalized award is priceless

  3. Include an image or logo. Adding a graphic element to your award design can really help balance the layout. Also, logos help with branding your awards, which can provide years of marketing exposure over the life of the award.

  4. Consider a date. Adding a date on your award helps to add context. Crystal awards last for decades, so dates are a nice reminder of a certain time.

Remember: there are no rules when it comes to designing crystal awards. Just be sure they convey your message of gratitude and appreciation. 

If you’re looking for more design ideas, phrases, or wording suggestions for your crystal awards, be sure to download our free Award Design Guide here

Pro Tip - you can order your crystal awards before you have the wording and personalization details finalized. Our team can help craft the perfect message and design for your crystal awards!



Crystal Awards by Eclipse Awards - Why choose us?

Since 1998, Eclipse Awards has specialized in making crystal trophies, awards and plaques that celebrate the human spirit. Over the past 20 years we’ve created thousands and thousands of customized and personalized crystal awards that people absolutely love!

Our designers know how to make crystal awards look fantastic, and our experienced team of artisans includes master sandcarvers who bring crystal awards to life with fine engraving. We deliver value by creating one of a kind, individually personalized crystal awards that you can use to recognize, uplift, empower and engage people in your community.

We only offer popular and time-tested crystal award styles so that you can order from us confidently, knowing that your crystal awards will be made to the highest standards, with care, attention to detail, and a dash of magic that will make each of your crystal awards sparkle and shine!

Find out why many of the world’s most successful organizations choose Eclipse Awards to make their personalized crystal awards!


What are some famous crystal awards?

Crystal awards are symbols of success and accomplishment. Some high end crystal awards are so famous, unique and iconic that they have entered society’s collective consciousness! Some examples of well known crystal trophies are:
The Players Championship Trophy by Waterford Crystal

The American Music Awards - celebrate the greatest talents of contemporary music.


The People’s Choice Awards - recognizing popular entertainers, as voted by fans