Community Sponsorship Highlights: Grades of Green Part 2

Jan 09, 2020 | All Blog Posts

Grades-of-Green---StudentHere is Nicole Catangay, recognized with Grades of Green’s Best Student Leadership Award as Team Leader at the Human Environmental and Animal Rights (HEAR) Club at the California Academy of Math and Science. 

The HEAR Club of 9 students at the California Academy of Math and Science High School discovered that in the U.S. people throw out an average of 70 lbs. of clothes every year and that the textile industry is the second highest contributor of waste!

With the help of her mentor, Nicole was able to guide her team to make SMART goals that translated into actionable tasks. She not only worked incredibly hard on this project but motivated the rest of her team to put a lot of effort into solving the fashion waste problem. Together they collected bags of clothing and hosted a fun upcycling clothing event at their school. Nicole continues to plan more events with her team and inspires her peers to be more aware of their environmental impact on the earth. Well-done, Nicole, thank you for your leadership!

Learn more about The Waste Campaign by Grades of Green - it is a semester long program that engages students from around the world in learning about a local issue related to waste. Through the Campaign, student teams develop a project to address a waste related issue they are passionate about (composting to reduce food waste, encouraging peers to bring reusable containers to reduce single use plastics, etc). More info can be found here:

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