Building Lasting Change - Green Building Expo in Vancouver

Jun 03, 2015 | All Blog Posts
LEED Promotional Products by Eclipse Awards

We had the opportunity to exhibit at Building Lasting Change, Canada Green Building Council’s annual expo that brings together people and companies from across Canada who support green building and LEED Certification.

The LEED Certification program has been a textbook example of accelerating change through recognition. We move communities forward by celebrating the things that we value, and CaGBC has shown us exactly how it’s done in the green building community. Builders aspire to LEED certification in part for the recognition it provides, recognition which confirms that their building has been built to higher environmental and performance standards. These aspirations to “do more” have raised standards in the building industry over time.

Platinum_Angle__73802.1425682107.1280.1280“The LEED plaque on a building is a mark of quality and achievement in green building.” - US Green Building Council


The LEED rating system was first introduced in the US in 2001, then in Canada in 2002. Eclipse Awards began working with CaGBC in 2007 because of our commitment to sustainability. 2015 marks our 9th year as the official supplier of LEED plaques in Canada and it’s been an honour to work with them in advancing sustainability in Canada!

Over the past few months we’ve been fine tuning and preparing for the launch of the LEED Halo Plaque, which is the new standard of LEED certification in Canada. As of March this year, every building that is LEED Certified now recognized with a Halo Plaque to help identify it and let people know that it was built to higher standards of quality and sustainability. This show will be the first time the public has had a chance to see the Halo Plaques.

We make the LEED Halo Plaques using 16” diameter ¾” thick glass that we sandblast in stages by hand to create depth. Halo Plaques are mounted using 3 aluminum standoffs. The result is an eye-catching, versatile and durable plaque that adds value to the building it commemorates.

Builders work hard to achieve LEED Certification and it translates into additional value for their buildings. The LEED Halo Plaque is a visual symbol of that achievement and let’s people know that they are in a green building. We also supply metal wall plaques and produce LEED vinyl decals to help identify these green buildings.

Since 2004, CaGBC has certified over 1800 LEED buildings in Canada and registered over 5000, the second highest number in the world. We’re grateful to have played a small role in helping to accelerate the adoption of green building practices in Canada, which have translated into:
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