Community Champions Program Part 2 of 2

Mar 16, 2015 | All Blog Posts

Having seen some great results and impacts from our first Community Partners over the past few years, we’re eager to expand this program! Our hope is to further invest in communities by finding awesome organizations, then partnering with them to share our recognition experience and services, which in turn will help amplify their influence, accelerate change, and increase their impact. Our community partners will be focussed on empowering new leaders, cultivating community, and making the world a better place for all of us - we’ll simply help them to do more of those things and to reach more people!

We’ll work with our Community Partners and help them use recognition to:

  • Build Social Capital: by creating a culture of appreciation that recognizes staff, volunteers, donors and key stakeholders
  • Accelerate Change: by developing emerging leaders and empowering champions within their communities
  • Attract Resources: by communicating their values and increase team stakeholder engagement in their mission
  • Celebrate More: by making people happy and developing a culture of appreciation
  • Become More Resilient: by strengthening relationship and engaging stakeholders

To become a community partner, we require a 3 year agreement which allows us to develop our relationship over time. Each year we review it for feedback and improvement.

Each year, Eclipse Awards will provide the following:

Year 1: 70% discount on personalized and handcrafted stock awards (in lieu of quantity discounts)

Year 2: 60% discount on personalized and handcrafted stock awards (in lieu of quantity discounts)

Year 3: 50% discount on personalized and handcrafted stock awards (in lieu of quantity discounts)

  • up to 3 hours of recognition consulting
  • 30% discount on rush services. Rush charges apply to orders required in 10 days or less.
  • sharing stories and events through our social media network (Twitter, Facebook, Google , Blog)

At the end of our 3 year agreement, all of our community partners will receive a 15% legacy discount that will continue indefinitely.

In return, our Community Partners will provide:

  • shareable stories of successes and milestones with pictures, if/where possible
  • mention of Eclipse Awards where possible and appropriate in social media networks
  • invitations to recognition events, where possible
  • 2 blog posts over 3 years on your experience as a Community Partner
  • annual feedback to Eclipse on how to improve this program

Our hope is to create win-win-win partnership that will strengthen and improve communities, while also making people happy and sharing stories about the power of recognition.

If you’re interested in becoming a Community Partner or know of a group that could benefit from this program, please contact us.