Trophy Shop:  Eclipse Awards 


Trophy shops provide trophies, awards, wall plaques and name plates that can be engraved and customized for special occasions. A trophy shop of the past often featured a physical showroom with a focus on cups and trophies for sports teams. However the online trophy stores of today, like Eclipse Awards, have evolved and expanded to offer virtual showrooms, graphic design services, trophies made of solid crystal and eco-friendly materials, logistics support, and guaranteed delivery timelines! Online trophy shops tend to focus less on sports trophies and more on recognition awards for employees, associations and corporations. 

Trophy stores today are fully online, which means you no longer need to physically visit a trophy store near you. It doesn’t matter if you are in Vancouver, New York, Toronto, Portland or Miami, you can order your customized trophies online and have them delivered quickly and safely anywhere within the US, Canada or beyond!


How to Choose a Trophy Shop

When selecting an online trophy store to work with, consider asking a few of these questions:

  1. Do you produce your trophies and awards in-house? 

  2. How long have you been in business?

  3. Do you have any setup charges or minimum orders?

  4. What guarantees do you provide?

  5. Do you provide artwork proofs with every order?

These will help ensure you select an established trophy store that will be both a good supplier and reliable partner. 

Trophy Shop Services

In addition to custom trophies and plaques, great trophy shops offer a range of additional services such as:

  • Live, dedicated customer service, by email or phone
  • Professional graphic design services to make your awards to look great
  • Standardized processes and lead times to guarantee on-time delivery
  • Logistics support that includes “hotline” access to courier services 
  • Logo conversions to create high-res versions of your logo
  • Flexible lead times that include rush services and discounts for early orders
  • Studio photography to capture photos of your trophies
  • Eco-friendly options to lighten your environmental footprint

The additional services offered are how today’s trophy stores set themselves apart.

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Notable Trophy Shops:

Established in 1998, Eclipse Awards is a relative newcomer that established itself as one of North America’s premier trophy shops, noted for its legendary customer service, reliability and commitment to quality. Other notable companies include:
  • Crown Trophy
  • North York Trophies
  • Wilson Trophy
  • Crown Awards
  • Kelbert Trophies
  • Ace Awards Toronto
  • Leduc Trophies
  • Bennet Awards
  • Imperial Trophies
  • Andrew Watson Design

Be sure to choose a trophy shop that has the mix of quality and services that you need. 

** Update: as of June 1, 2020 Eclipse Awards remains open to serve you, though our showroom is temporarily closed. Curbside pickup is available for Vancouver orders.