The Beauty of the Awesome Awards

Sep 02, 2014 | All Blog Posts

The beauty of the Awesome Awards is that anyone can be nominated, for anything. If you think someone is awesome or doing something awesome, you can nominate them for an Awesome Award, it’s that easy! Most award programs tend to recognize special accomplishments...think Highest Sales, Years of Service or Volunteer Hours. Award programs such as this are relatively simple to run because very often they are tied to specific metrics or key performance indicators which can easily be tracked. Though simple, many companies use award programs like these to great effect. However, beyond the world of accomplishments and achievements, there is an equally important world of traits and qualities, which are virtually never recognized or celebrated...until now. The Awesome Awards

The Awesome Awards give you a chance to recognize people who display awesome qualities that you admire and respect. Do you have a friend who is deeply compassionate? Do you know someone that has an amazing green thumb? Do you know people who are wildly creative? Have they ever been appreciated for these qualities? Most likely they haven’t, which is unfortunate because all of these people and qualities are valuable elements of our communities. So when we choose to recognize and celebrate human qualities that we value, we are in fact empowering people and strengthening and our communities.

If you nominate someone for an Awesome Award and rave about the qualities that make them special, not only are you creating a wonderful tribute to that person, but you are also letting everyone know that these qualities are important to you. If they matter to others as well, connections will begin to form and community will begin to grow. Not only will your nominee feel empowered and energized by the recognition, they may even start to see themselves in a new light because of it!

We’ve assembled a list of qualities that you might want to celebrate through the Awesome Awards. Consider the potential and importance of recognizing people for the admirable qualities they possess, and remember, a nomination is itself a form of recognition!

Some qualities you may want to recognize and celebrate in your community:

creativity generosity resilience
motivation persistence curiosity
humor green thumbs reliability
enthusiasm civic-mindedness selflessness
 self-awareness  self-discipline empathy 
leadership compassion courage
sense of beauty  resourcefulness   spontaneity
humility   sense of wonder systems thinking 
imagination kindness integrity
love determination respect

Let's celebrate the human spirit!