Generating value? Look upstream!

Jul 04, 2014 | All Blog Posts

Generating value in creating and beautiful ways!At Eclipse Awards we are continually exploring creative ways to generate more value. Our baseline value proposition is that we will design and make beautifully handcrafted, bespoke awards and safely deliver them to you to amplify your message of recognition and appreciation. This is our starting point, the very least that you can expect from us, and yet from there we continually add layers of more value. These additional “layers of value” might fall anywhere along a wide spectrum that includes building community, generating social capital, regenerating the environment, creating happiness and celebrating the human spirit.

Wide ranging initiatives such as our Regenerative Marketing, or using wind energy to power our company, or building community gardens, or working with local artisans, or running programs like The Awesome Awards - each element adds to the total value that we contribute to society as we operate and grow. So when you purchase from Eclipse Awards, you’re making it possible for more of these things to happen; you’re voting with your dollars and confirming that these things matter.

Whenever people ask us about creating value, we always tell them to “look upstream”. In other words, look up your value chain and explore the source of the reasons for doing the things you’re doing. By example, here is our journey of heading upstream over the past 16 years.

Look upstream to create value

Making Beautiful Awards >> in the beginning, we started off making beautiful awards that people loved and we were happy.

Happiness Delivered >> as time went on and we looked upstream, we realized that we weren’t just making beautiful awards, we were actually making people happy. We were creating awards, but we were delivering happiness!

Building Community >> over time, we realized that we were making people happy because we were helping them feel appreciated and valued by their community. It doesn't matter if your community is your company, your department, your team or your association, being recognized and celebrated by your community is empowering, energizing and transformational. Being recognized is like a big warm hug from your community!

Celebrating the Human Spirit! >> today we understand that recognition is ultimately about celebrating the human spirit! Yes, it’s still about beautiful awards, creating happiness and strengthening communities, and it’s also about rejoicing in the qualities that make us human! Feeling reassured and appreciated is the essence of recognition.

So as you can see, we can discover a lot of value and direction when we look upstream to explore the source of our passions. Indeed, as our economy evolves, this ability will become increasingly important as organizations work to survive and thrive. How will you create value in the future? How will your organization look upstream and to the future? We’d love to hear your ideas!