These environmentally friendly awards celebrate regeneration and nature! We plant two trees for every award sold.
Recycled or Salvaged
Featuring 100% post-consumer recycled glass, or salvaged wood.
Glass has been prized and admired for centuries. People love looking at and holding glass, making it a perfect material for plaques and awards. Jade glass has a subtle green-blue tint, creating a nice contrast with the sandblasted engraving.
Ideal for display on a desk or shelf.
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Recycled Glass Award - Cobalt Rectangle

Made from post-consumer recycled glass, the Recycled Cobalt Glass Rectangle is reclaimed and beautiful. The rich vibrant color makes them versatile and sustainable awards for any occasion, and especially popular for green events. Includes silver color fill
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Presentation Box: Black, lined, form-fit, for Recycled Glass    |   Product Material: Recycled Glass

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    • 7.00"H x 5.00"W x 1.00"D RR-7020
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Additional Notes

PLEASE NOTE: Due to the manufacturing process, recycled glass contains tiny bubbles and flow lines. These are considered normal and acceptable as they give each award a unique character.

Recycled Glass Award - Cobalt Rectangle - One award, endless possibilities!

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