Premium K9 Optic Crystal for perfect clarity and weight. Valued for their clarity and sparkling brilliance, optic crystal awards symbolize the best of the best.
Ideal for display on a desk or shelf.
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Crystal Innovation Trophy
Our Innovation Award has fine symmetry and balance. A truly versatile award featuring a brilliant quality crystal and large engraveable area for personalization. A popular choice with our industry award clients.
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Presentation Box: Black, lined, form-fit   |   Product Material: K9 Optic Crystal

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    • 10.00"H x 7.00"W x 1.62"D CD-2020
    • 4.70LBS.
    • $150.00 USD
    • $142.50 USD
    • $135.00 USD
    • $120.00 USD

  1. Additional Surface Marking: Most pieces include engraving or other marking on one or more surface. Choose this option to add etching to a surface beyond what the base award price includes.
  2. Color Fill: Per color, per piece in black, white, or silver. Subject to suitable artwork. To request a custom color, please contact your service representative after placing the order (an additional charge will apply)
  3. Color Fill - 24K Gold: 24 karat gold colorfill. Subject to suitable artwork - not suitable for large areas.
  4. Studio Photo of Award: A high resolution, professional studio photograph of your award, for use in promotions and communications.
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One award - endless possibilities!


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Innovation Crystal Award 2
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Health and Commecre - Innovation Award 5