The most exclusive awards with the most stunning impact.
Premium K9 Optic Crystal for perfect clarity and weight. Valued for their clarity and sparkling brilliance, optic crystal awards symbolize the best of the best.
Ideal for display on a desk or shelf.
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Crystal Elation
The Crystal Elation Award is stunning and sure to make an impact at any presentation. At over 2" thick it is substantial to hold and feel. This award includes custom etching on two surfaces.
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Presentation Box: Black, lined, form-fit   |   Product Material: K9 Optic Crystal

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    • 11.62"H x 4.00"W x 3.00"D CE-1180
    • 9.90LBS.
    • $275.00 USD
    • $261.25 USD
    • $247.50 USD
    • $220.00 USD

  1. 2nd Surface Marking: Choose this option to add marking to a 2nd surface. Note that all pieces include customized marking on one surface. 
  2. Silver or Black Color Fill: Add silver or black color-fill to the engraving on your glass or crystal. Specify your preferred color in the award personalization stage, or let your designer or service rep know after placing the order.
  3. 24K Gold Color Fill: 24 karat gold colorfill. Subject to suitable artwork - not suitable for large areas.
  4. Studio Photo of Award: A high resolution, professional studio photograph of your award, for use in promotions and communications.
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One award - endless possibilities!


Crystal Elation Award - Robin Schaffer presented the Case Paper Company Best Brochure - Broadside Award
Proliant - Crystal Elation 2
Proliant - Crystal Elation 3
Proliant - Crystal Elation
Life Sciences - Crystal Elation
Montego Resources - Crystal Elation Award