Glass has been prized and admired for centuries. People love looking at and holding glass, making it a perfect material for plaques and awards. Jade glass has a subtle green-blue tint, creating a nice contrast with the sandblasted engraving.
Wall Mount
Designed to be displayed on a wall and includes brackets or a keyhole slot. Choose wall plaques when you want high visibility or when desktop space is limited.
Wood is a natural, organic and timeless material that has always been valued and revered. Wood awards have a warmth and beauty that invites people to hold and admire them.
These environmentally friendly awards celebrate regeneration and nature! We plant two trees for every award sold.
Recycled or Salvaged
Featuring 100% post-consumer recycled glass, or salvaged wood.
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Canopy Wood Wall Plaque - Walnut

Each Chocolate Walnut Canopy plaque is handcrafted from a black walnut tree salvaged from BC's fertile Fraser Valley Basin. The wood is air dried for up to a year, then worked with plant-based oils for a rich and lustrous finish. Personalized etched glass and brushed metal standoffs will amplify your message of accomplishment and recognition. Available in a landscape or portrait orientation.
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Presentation Box: Kraft Cardboard   |   Product Material: Salvaged Black Walnut, Jade Glass & Aluminum

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    • 13.00"H x 6.00"W x 2.00"D GL-16020
    • 4.00LBS.
    • $245.00 USD
    • $232.75 USD
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    • $220.50 USD


Canopy Wood Wall Plaque - Walnut OPTIONS

  1. Color Fill - Silver (+$50): Add silver color fill to highlight an engraved area. Details determined during design stage. 
  2. Color Fill - 24K Gold (+$70): Add a premium 24K gold fill to accent an engraved area and make it sparkle! Details determined during design.
  3. Color Fill - Gold (+$50): Add gold color fill to accent an engraved area. Details determined during design stage.
  4. Add Cosmo Print (+$50): Add Cosmo Print to complement engraving.
  5. add 2nd Surface Marking (+$50): Marking one surface is included free. Select this option to add marking to a 2nd surface.
  6. Mark with Cosmo Print instead (Free): Switch marking to Cosmo Print instead of engraving (no charge).
  7. Studio Photo of Completed Item (+$150): A studio photo of this completed item. Delivered digitally in .jpg format @ 1200 x 1200 pixels, 350 dpi.
  8. Virtual Photo (+$100): A digitally rendered image of this completed item. Delivered digitally in .jpg format @ 1200 x 1200 pixels, 350 dpi.
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Canopy Wood Wall Plaque - Walnut - One award, endless possibilities!

Chocolate walnut canopy Landscape  Primary