Stop plastic waste, one award at a time!

This month Canada invited the world to Montreal for the UN COP-15 conference on biodiversity. The conference calls upon governments and businesses to adopt the world’s first Global Biodiversity Framework to address biodiversity loss with the same urgency as climate change. 

At the same time, the City of Montreal has put forth “The Montreal Pledge” which outlines 15 action points for cities to accelerate their efforts towards protecting biodiversity and the  environment. So far, 47 cities from around the world have committed, with more to come.

We believe that recognition has the power to make the world better, and our goal is to help revitalize and regenerate communities everywhere through recognition and celebration.

So we’re focussing our efforts on 2 of the 15 action points that we can have an impact on:

1. To restore and rehabilitate ecosystems

2. Aim to eliminate plastic waste

Ecosystem Restoration & Rehabilitation

To help restore ecosystems, we have committed to planting 2 trees for every award, trophy and plaque that we produce. The mangrove trees we plant help to sequester carbon, create employment in rural and impoverished communities, and restore biodiversity and habitat. To date we’ve planted over 52,000 trees and counting!

Eliminating Plastic Waste

Our planet is awash in plastic garbage. Yet every day over a million tons of plastic waste is generated, with much of it ending up in the ocean.

We're saying no to plastic and we’re eliminating it wherever possible with the following commitments:

So we're saying no to plastic and we’re eliminating it wherever possible with the following commitments:

1. No Lucite, Acrylic or Plastic Awards. 

Lucite and acrylic are types of plastic, and for that reason alone we don't offer those materials. The same goes for plastic figure trophy figures or 3D printed plastic components.  Clients request those items from us every day, but we simply decline and introduce them to our earth-friendly awards instead

2. No plastic tape. 

We pack and seal a lot of boxes, so eliminating plastic packing tape has been huge. We’ve invested in a device that uses paper tape instead, and also cuts the tape to specific sizes to minimize waste.

3. Reuse and repurpose packing materials. 

We reuse all packing materials that we receive, which is why you might sometimes find styrofoam peanuts in your shipments. We also use biodegradable packing peanuts and occasionally recyclable air pillows. It’s not perfect, but we want to ensure safe delivery every time - any breakage is not eco-friendly.

4. Striving for a plastic free experience

We are committed to providing you with a plastic free experience, so you that you don’t have to worry about adding more plastic into the world. We are not perfect, but we are actively working towards it and always welcome your feedback for improvements.

Onwards, good people, there is much to be done!

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Recognize. Empower. Repeat. 

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