I grew up in a rainforest on Vancouver’s North Shore. As long as I can remember, I’ve been surrounded by trees…walking under them, climbing them, and simply admiring them. I love their quiet majesty, and how they smell, and the sound they make as the wind rustles through them. 

So as Eclipse Awards grew, it only made sense that trees would be involved. Indeed, we’ve developed some beautiful awards made from trees and salvaged wood. People are naturally drawn to their warm, organic textures and they’ve become some of our most popular eco-friendly trophies. 

Trees are a sustainable and renewable resource, but we also wanted to help ensure that there will always be trees, and lots of them! So in 2017 we partnered with Eden Reforestation Projects and committed to planting 2 trees for every award, plaque and trophy that we produce.

“one mangrove tree captures approximately 12.3 kgs of CO2 a year, or roughly 308 kgs of CO2 over a 25 year lifespan”

With your help, we’ve planted nearly 50,000 mangrove trees so far and there are more to come! In the process, we’ve also created over 500 days of work for folks living in rural and impoverished communities. Over time, these trees will grow and mature, sinking carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, restoring biodiversity and habitat, and building stronger communities. 


Sustainability is important, yet the efforts to regenerate nature and the communities of the world is something we value even more. We’re excited to bring you more beautiful wooden trophies and awards to help you celebrate awesome people, while also helping to plant more trees throughout the world. Onwards, good people!

Recognize. Empower. Repeat.

Toby Barazzuol
Dream Leader
Eclipse Awards

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