Awards events are back in 2023!
Are you ready?


Hello good people!

With 2023 off to a great start, we’re noticing that more and more clients are returning to in-person awards events. After two years of virtual events, people are eager to gather again, and recognition and celebration are most powerful when shared and experienced in person. 

Are you considering an event this year but feeling a little rusty? If so, we’ve put together an awards event planning checklist to help you ease back into the swing of things:

Checklist for planning an awards event:

  1. Create your list of categories and winners. Determine how many awards you will need and double check the spelling of names.

  2. Determine and secure the date and location of your event so that you can notify people and start planning towards it. Ensure the venue can accommodate your numbers.

  3. If your event is public, consider a hashtag that people can use to promote it on social media.
  4. Choose the styles of awards you will be presenting and order them to secure on-time delivery. Try to allow at least 4 weeks if you are reordering awards, 6 weeks if you are ordering awards for the first time. Browse our collection of awards that can be designed & delivered in 3 weeks! 

  5. Submit the personalization details of your awards to your supplier so that they can start the design process. If you need help with ideas of what to include on your award, download our handy Trophy Design Checklist.

  6. Select your awards presenter, ideally someone who is respected and admired by the recipients, and ensure they can attend. Prepare a script, rehearse, and make sure they can pronounce everyone’s names. 

  7. Review the artwork proofs for your awards and request any updates or edits. Approving your artwork proofs sooner gives your supplier more time to make and deliver your awards. 

  8. Imagine the scenario of the ceremony, create a timeline of events, delegate and assign tasks for every event. Ensure everyone is aware of their role.

  9. Decide if you will let the award recipients say a few words or not. 

  10. Plan for lots of photos and make sure your photographer is prepared. Consider photos of awards being presented, after presentation, and group shots. 

  11. Arrive at the event site early and ensure that all awards have been delivered. Unpack all awards to ensure there are no surprises. Save the presentation boxes as they may be needed again.Then display or organise your awards in a way that makes them easy to present. 

  12. Rehearse your event as much as possible to ensure it goes smoothly.

  13. Double check that all award winners will be present at the event. 

  14. Have fun! Remember that awards events should be uplifting celebrations!

  15. Make sure everyone gets home safely. Award winners may want or need boxes for their awards if they are travelling. 

This isn’t an exhaustive list, but it will help you to plan and consider some of the key elements in hosting a great recognition awards event. And remember, we’re always here to help you recognize and celebrate your people! 


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