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Customized vs Personalized

95% of the awards we produce are personalized, which means we take time-tested awards and personalize them for you through creative design and marking.

However some organizations are interested in customized awards. By customized, we mean that the shape, dimensions, and in some cases the materials used, are specially designed for you. Custom awards are also personalized.

Guaranteed__DeliverySome organizations are interested in fully customized awards. By fully customized we mean that the shape, dimensions, and in some cases even the materials used to create your awards are specially designed for your particular project. This should not be confused with personalized awards in which we take existing award shapes and make them unique to your project through creative design and etching. 

While both types of awards are prestigious and unique, there are some aspects worth considering before pursuing a custom awards project.


  • Exclusivity: you can create a truly exclusive award that represents your organization in a unique and memorable way.

  • Stature: successfully developing a customized award can help increase your recognition program and organization.


  • Cost: customized awards typically cost more due to additional design and development costs and limited production runs

  • Lead times: it’s wise to budget at least 10-14 weeks for the design, development and production time of a custom awards project, more if prototypes are needed.

  • Consistency: in some cases, it can be difficult to maintain consistency from year to year – particularly if the awards require materials from multiple sources.

  • Limited Availability: it is not always possible to create extra or replacement custom awards on short notice, unless extra pieces have been produced as contingency

  • Presentation: custom awards often have unique shapes, which means they also require customized, form-fitting presentation boxes. Depending on the size and shape of the awards, customized presentation boxes can add to the cost.

  • What is that?: your custom awards may be recognized within your organization, but will they also be recognized as awards by friends and family and people outside of your industry?



Customized awards can be truly unique and effective when developed within realistic guidelines. However, similar or superior results can often be achieved more quickly and cost effectively by using existing award styles personalized specifically for your organization and occasion.

If you are interested in pursuing a custom awards project, we have the expertise and skills to realize your vision within the following guidelines:

  1. 1. Your project has a minimum 10 week lead time available.

  2. 2. You require a minimum of 15 custom awards produced at one time.

  3. 3. You have a minimum budget of $200 per custom award.

All custom award orders require a 70% non-refundable deposit to begin, with the balance due upon delivery. Should you decide to order additional custom awards for future use, we will be happy to inventory these items for you for up to 3 years and deliver them as required. Note that all non-stock orders are also considered custom awards orders.   


For custom awards, we work primarily in crystal, glass, metal and wood, which are timeless materials that people love to see, hold and feel. To start your custom awards project or to learn more, contact info (@) eclipseawards (dot) com.


Our in-house graphic designers will handle the layout and design of your awards. All of our designers are professional artists with visual arts backgrounds which means they are skilled in creating high quality, clean and sylish layouts.