The Subtle Magic of Recognition

Feb 28, 2013 | All Blog Posts
It was a landmark day for me as I was recognized by the Government of Canada with a Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Award! These awards are presented to Canadians who have made a significant contribution to their communities, so being recognized for my community building and sustainability work in Strathcona is truly an honor that I will always cherish. 

Recognition is undoubtedly a transformational experience for those that are being recognized. However, the lesser known magic of recognition is that is also has the ability to transform and inspire those that are looking on. Consider the onlookers - we’ve all been one - thinking “Oh wow, how great that this person is being recognized and appreciated for their efforts...I could do that too!” or maybe even “I could do that, and more!”.

This is the power and magic of recognition - it indirectly shows people what is valued within a community and inspires them to pursue more of the same. Think of the millions of young children who get into sports after watching a Stanley Cup or Superbowl victory. Think of the fresh young entrepreneurs who will aspire to be the Greenest Company or Best Employer. In some ways, it’s the people looking on who may be most affected.

What do you think? Does recognition have the power to encourage others to step it up and 
"pay it forward"?