Eclipse Awards - BC's 2012 Best Employer Winner

Mar 02, 2012 | All Blog Posts

After a 4 month elimination process and three rounds of judging, Eclipse Awards was recognized as BC’s Best Employer in front of a full house at a gala event hosted by Small Business BC! Over 150 BC businesses originally applied in 6 categories for the 2012 Succesful You Awards and we were up against some stiff competition in our category - in fact the MC said it had been their hardest decision in years - so when they called our name as the winner, you can imagine our surprise!

Over the years, we’ve made thousands of awards for thousands of organizations...but the feeling of receiving an award never gets old - it really is both a heartwarming and powerful experience!  All of a sudden, people are looking at you through new eyes, which in turn affects how you see yourself from that point on. Humility, happiness, pride, ambition, respect, gratitude, reciprocity - all of these feelings emerge at once. The process of recognition truly is transformative and the recognition award becomes an enduring symbol and reminder of the event.

Being selected as BC’s Best Employer means a lot to us, not only as a stamp of approval on our business philosophy and the direction we’re heading, but also because of the message that it sends to other businesses. The Best Employer Award means that our commitment to Living Wages is important, it means that building a healthy and inspiring workplace is appreciated, it means that our community contributions are valuable, it means that our long-term vision is respected, and most significantly it means that recognizing and celebrating people is more important than ever! 

With over 55,000 small businesses registered in BC at the time, we think this is a significant title, to be recognized as the Best Employer among so many!

Thank you to everyone who voted for us through the social media round of these awards, as well as to those who have shared our story since! Our success has not been in spite of our commitment to our staff and community and the environment, but rather because of it. This is the lesson that we hope to share with our businesses.  Thanks again and onwards!