In addition to the standard services included in every order, Eclipse Awards offers customers a variety of optional services.

Optional services include:

  • Logo modification
    Can't find a copy of your logo in true vector format?  (please see our graphical requirements)  We can convert virtually any file format (.jpg .tiff .bmp .gif .png and others) into a proper vector file for a flat fee of $50 per logo.  We can also provide you with a copy of your hi-res logo for future use in other print or media applications at no charge, upon request.

    In some circumstances, logo modification may not be possible.  If you would like to know if your logo can be converted or whether your logo is a true EPS or not, please send your logo(s) to .
  • Custom Artwork
    Looking for that special symbol or icon to add to your award design?  We have a standard set of graphics available at no charge, however if you need something special, let us know and we will find it or create it for a flat fee of $30.  
  • Accelerated production & delivery (Rush orders)
    In most cases we are able accomodate rush service to customers with less than our standard lead time of 10 working days (please see lead times and delivery).  Orders required in less than 9 business days are considered rush orders and are subject to the following charges:   

      • Rush 3 = orders required within 7 to 9 business days.  Rush 3 orders are subject to the greater amount of $25 or 5% of the total order.*
      • Rush 2 = orders required within 4 to 6 business days.  Rush 2 orders are subject to the greater amount of $75 or 10% of the total order.*
      • Rush 1 = orders required in 1 to 3 business days or less.  Rush 1 orders are subject to the greater amount of $150 or 30% of the total order.*

    *day 1 of an order applies to orders placed before 10 am PST.  Orders placed after 10 am are considered to start the following day (please see lead times and delivery).  Clients are expected to approve their artwork within the required timeframe.  Failure to approve artwork in a timely manner may negate our on time delivery guarantee or result in additional rush charges.
    Please note that holidays and weekends are not considered business days.

  • Drop shipping (shipping to multiple addresses)
    Shipping and handling charges are included for all orders shipped together to a single location.  However, if you would like your order shipped to multiple destinations (to the end recipients for example), then each additional shipment is subject to a $5 per address drop shipping charge. 
  • Color fills
    As part of our commitment to sustainability and reducing toxins, Eclipse Awards no longer offers custom color fills because we no longer use industrial paints.  We also believe that clear sandblast etching is the most elegant and beautiful.

    We do however work with one type of non-toxic paint that is suitable for color fills, so we can offer the basic colors of Gold, Silver and Black.  Each color fill is an additional $40 per color, per piece and should be requested at the time of order.  All black crystal pieces include silver color fill as standard, at no additional charge. 
  • Photorealistic images
    Are you interested in photographing your awards for marketing or publicity purposes?  If so, now you can forget the high costs of ordering samples and hiring a studio photographer, especially since glass and crystal are notoriously difficult to shoot well!                                  

    At Eclipse Awards we have developed a process that allows us to take your personalized award and render it as a perfect photorealistic image (the same as shown on the Eclipse Awards website).  We are the only company in the industry to offer this unique service and hope that it will be useful to organizations in marketing and raising the profile and value of their awards.  

    A photorealistic image can be made from one of the awards in your order, or specially designed.   You don't even have to order an actual award to have a photorealistic image produced.

    The cost for photorealistic images is $150 each.

    Each image is provided in high quality JPG format at a size of 4”x6”.  The turnaround time for photo realistic images is 7 business days from the time of artwork approval.  Once complete, images will be emailed to the client.  Click to see sample
  • 360 degree videos
    In addition to providing high quality photo realistic images, Eclipse Awards can also provide a high quality, 360 degree rotating video of your engraved award.  To view an example of our videos, simply click on the following link. 

    Eclipse Awards is the only awards company to offer this service to its clients, and it's a great way to help promote your next recognition event and to help build the status and prestige of your awards.

    The cost for a fully personalized, 360 degree photorealistic video is $350 each.

    Each video is supplied as a high quality RGB QuickTime file, however it can be provided in other formats if you prefer.  The turnaround time for a 360 degree videos is 7 business days.  Once complete, the file will either be emailed to you, or shipped on a CD.
    Click to see sample

  • Name badges
    Planning a big event?  Need personalized name badges?  Eclipse Awards can provide you with full personalized custom name badges.  Our sublimated name badges allow for full color and customization (each name can be printed on the name badge).  Each name badge also features a magnetic fastener ensuring there will be no damage to garments.
  • Display frame certificate
    The perfect companion to the Integrity Display Frame, the certificate allows for a full color, fully customized message to be printed.  This service is included in the product RP-8120, Integrity Display Frame w/ Certificate.  Eclipse Awards will work with the client to create a personalized certificate, print it in full color and insert it into the frame.

  • Custom awards
    Many organizations are interested in fully customized awards for their event.  By fully customized we mean that the shape, dimensions, and in some cases even the materials used to create your awards are specially designed for your particular project.  This should not be confused with personalized awards in which we take existing award shapes and make them unique to your project through creative design and etching.

    While both types of awards can be prestigious and unique, there are some aspects worth considering before starting on a custom awards project.

    • Exclusivity:  you can create a truly exclusive award that represents your organization in a unique and memorable way.
    • Stature:  successfully developing a customized award can help increase your organization’s stature.

    • Higher Prices: Customized awards are typically cost more than stock awards due to the additional design and development costs
    • Longer lead times: It’s wise to budget 8-16 weeks for the design, development and production time of your custom awards project
    • Consistency: In some cases, it can be difficult maintain consistency from year to year – particularly if the awards require multiple materials from different sources.
    • Limited Availability: With customized awards, it is not always possible to create extra or replacement award on short notice.
    • Presentation: As custom awards often have unique shapes, form-fitting presentation boxes are normally unavailable.  If your award has a special shape, it will require either a custom made presentation box or a plain but practical corrugated box.
    • What is that?: Your custom award may be recognized within your organization, but will it also be recognized as an award by the recipient’s friends and family and people outside of your industry.

      Customized awards can be truly unique and effective when developed within realistic guidelines.  However similar results can often be achieved more quickly and cost effectively by using existing award shapes that are personalized specifically for your event.

      If your organization is interested in pursuing a custom awards project, we are more than capable of providing the necessary expertise and would be pleased to work with you towards realizing your vision, however we ask that you first consider the following framework:
      • There is a minimum of 10 weeks lead time for your project.
      • Your organization or event requires at least 25 customized awards produced at one time.
      • There is a minimum project budget of $5000 in order to develop the concept and create the awards.

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