Creating an exceptional award starts with creating great artwork! Artwork for awards incorporates both text messages and graphical elements (usually a logo or icon), and the design is what personalizes the awards and makes them unique.

When submitting a logo with your order, please provide it in a high-res vector format such as .eps or Illustrator if possible. You may need special graphics software to open these files, so don't worry - if you can't open them, they're probably the files that we're looking for, so just send them along. If you can't locate an .eps or Illustrator file, simply attach any versions of your logo that you have and we'll find the best one to use. Don't worry, you always get to review and approve your proofs before we make your awards!

What's the difference between vector and bitmap graphics you ask?

Vector Gphraics
(such as EPS (.eps), Illustrator (.ai) or Corel Draw (.cdr)) ~ are defined by mathematical equations rather than pixels, so they always appear at the highest resolution. They are also scalable, which means that they can be increased or decreased in size and their lines will remain crisp and sharp. Vector graphics are used most often for print artwork.

Bitmap Graphics (such as TIFF (.tif), GIF (.gif), BMP (.bmp), and JPEG (.jpg)) ~ bitmap graphics are composed of little squares called pixels. When you enlarge these images, the software must guess where to put the extra pixels necessary to make it larger. The result is often an image that is slightly "fuzzy" and difficult to engrave. Bitmap images are used most often in web design and screen based artwork.

Your graphics can be emailed with your order, or you can send them directly to Clean graphics are an important element/requirement for a good finished product. Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns.

Designing your own artwork

We welcome your creative ideas and layouts! If you would like to provide your own artwork, simply download this simple set of design guidelines and you'll have the tools you need to design some great awards!

Graphic Guideline (PDF)


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