Every order at Eclipse Awards follows the same 6 step process.  These steps include:

1. Order Received
2. Creating Layouts
3. Awaiting Approval
4. Production
5. Shipped
6. Payment

At every stage of the process, customers will be alerted with an email to update them of a change in the order status.

Step 1 – Order Received
Once an order is placed (please see order methods), a confirmation email is sent to customers confirming the receipt of their order.  This email will contain all the details of the order including requested products and delivery date.

Step 2 – Creating Layouts
After Eclipse Awards has received the order, a customer service representative will be assigned to the order.  The customer service rep will ensure the delivery date can be met and that there are no issues with the provided graphics.  From there, one of our graphic designers will begin working on the layout of the order, incorporating all provided information and instructions.

Step 3 – Awaiting Approval
Once our graphic designer has completed the layout for the order, an update that includes a proof will be emailed to the customer for approval.  At this stage, the customer is responsible for reviewing the artwork and ensuring the design is to their liking.  The customer is also expected to review the grammar and spelling, especially that of its recipients.  If the layout is satisfactory, we require that the proof be signed and sent back to the provided fax number.  If changes are required, the step will be repeated.

Step 4 – Production
With the artwork approved, Eclipse Awards can begin the production of your items.  Every item produced by Eclipse Awards follows the same meticulous production process in order for us to provide the highest quality recognition awards.

Step 5 – Shipped
Your item is completed, packaged and shipped to the provided shipping address.  This email will include a UPS tracking number for confirmation and tracking purposes.

Step 6 – Payment
This final stage will include information about payment.  Orders charged to a credit card will have confirmation information.  Orders that are being invoiced will have the invoice attached in PDF format.

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