Recognition Case Study: Frogbox and the Small Business BC Awards
by Toby Barazzuol on Friday Nov 1, 2013

In 2011 our friends over at Frogbox took home the Small Business BC Award for Best Green Business, the same award that Eclipse Awards is nominated for this year.  Winning the award had a profound impact on Frogbox and in this video, their general manager Mathieson McCrae reflects back over the past two years and explains what it meant to win the Best Green Business Award


This is a great case study on the transformational power of recognition because it highlights some key elements that we don’t always consider when thinking about awards:

The nomination process

Mathieson refers to the importance of the nomination process itself and how applying for the award encouraged them to reflect on their mission and vision and “why they opened their doors in the first place”. Taking the time for thoughtful contemplation is something that organizations rarely do, but it can be an invaluable and important part of focussing your mission and/or correcting course.

Recognition bestows validation and confidence

Winning the Best Green Business Award helped Frogbox to validate their business model and concept, undoubtedly giving them more confidence and support to pursue their aspirations. It’s important to note that the organization presenting the award, in this case Small Business BC, influences the degree of validation. This means that if you are an organization with a high level of integrity, you are well positioned to recognize the good work of others.

Recognition inspires people

Winning this award inspired the team at Frogbox and brought them closer together. It also inspired other businesses to pursue their sustainability goals and work towards becoming greener companies. And there are always the intangible elements that make up the subtle magic of recognition.

Recognition attracts resources and creates opportunities

The exposure from being recognized publicly attracts new resources and creates new opportunities. For Frogbox, winning the Best Green Business Award helped create the conditions that would allow them to expand into 20 cities across Canada and the US. Impressive results that were triggered in part by winning this award.

It’s clear that winning this award was a transformational experience for Frogbox - they became a stronger and better company through the process of applying for the award and being validated and celebrated in the process.  

If you are a company or organization, don’t underestimate the value of applying for an award. As an individual, you can see the power of an award nomination and how it can assist companies that you admire. And if you are an association, consider the value of starting a recognition program to empower your members and cultivate new champions.

Congratulations again to Frogbox, and don’t forget to vote for Eclipse Awards as BC’s Best Green Business!





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