Jenn Farrell | Spruce Award
by Toby Barazzuol on Friday Oct 25, 2013

Over the last few days, the Awesome Award known as Spruce changed hands quickly a couple of times and in the process, something amazing happened! Whenever an Awesome Award is presented to someone it’s an occasion to celebrate, but when the latest recipient Jenn Farrell shared her story, the first words she wrote sent shivers up our spine:  

It means so much to receive this Awesome Award! My personal training client and friend Cynara presented it to me, and while I’d like to say I remember all the nice things she said, I started getting a little weepy and forgot some of them.

 People are often overcome with happiness and tears of joy when they are recognized and appreciated, so we were pleased to hear that Jenn was touched by her Awesome Award. For the Awesome Awards, Jenn’s comment is a wonderful affirmation that the Awesome Awards are living and growing! 

Many of the first Awesome Awards were presented to amazing people within our community, so it’s been fascinating to see who the awards have been subsequently presented to as they make their journey from person to person, community to community. The fact that we didn’t know Jenn before she won her Awesome Award is pretty awesome in itself, but through the magic of recognition, we now know about this well-loved person who is passionate about her work, and inspires others to feel great about themselves!

We created the Awesome Awards with hopes that it would become a perpetual motion machine of community building, strengthening relationships and creating happiness - all powered by the human spirit! It’s stories like Jenn’s that inspire us to believe that decades from now the Awesome Awards will still be travelling from person to person, bringing joy and goodwill wherever they go!




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