The Awesome Awards take their first step...
by Teena Gin on Thursday Jun 6, 2013

The Awesome Awards

A milestone has been passed!  On Sunday, June 2nd the first Awesome Awards was paid forward when Tina Chin presented her award (AA: Elm) to Tony and Darlene Lourenco at the Miracle Weekend Telethon (which raised over $18million!). I had a conversation with Tina on Saturday, only 3 days after we presented her with one of the original 15 Awesome Awards and I asked her what her plans were in passing on her award.  With only a single moment of remorse as to the short time frame she would have to savour the award, unquestioningly she knew that passing on her award the very next day at the Miracle Weekend Telethon would bring immense honour to Tony and Darlene who had recently lost their daughter Lindsey, after a long bout with cancer. Lindsey and Tina’s son, Aidan had been in the same teen cancer support group and had become close.  

 One challenge Tina faced in presenting her award was how to present it and when. Making the presentation was tough to coordinate as both Tina and the Lourenco’s were volunteering at the Miracle Weekend Telethon with different tasks, and in different tents. However doing something awesome is rarely simple, so while on a break, Tina enlisted a fellow volunteer photographer to locate the Lourencos in another volunteer tent.  It was there where Tina read from her prepared speech about how she had been presented one of the original Awesome Awards for her contributions to the BC Children’s Hospital and her support of the families of patients there.  She told Tony and Darlene that they were her inspiration and  that they had assisted immensely in how she would learn to cope with a child diagnosed with cancer. Tina also had the opportunity to express how much their friendship meant to her family.  It's a great example of how a strong sense of community can help us be stronger individuals.

Tina’s Awesome Award has taken the 2nd step of its journey, however Tina’s awesomeness will continue to burn bright because once you have been “Certified Awesome”, it’s for life and you become part of a unique and growing community of awesome people! Thank you for all that you do Tina! You can read more about Tina’s award presentation in her own words at http://theawesomeawards.org/awesomeAwards/233

You can learn all about the Awesome Awards and the entries from the many exchanges of the awards at  www.theawesomeawards.org, follow the awards on twitter using hashtag #awesome15, or Like us on Facebook!

flower - Wednesday Jul 23, 2014 at 8:20am PST
It's kind of late, but I am sorry for your loss (of your daughter Lindsey). I know it was last year that she passed away but I still would like to pray for your family. I imagine this was tough for you all to deal with.

P.S. The song Darlene Lourenco wrote for Lindsey was beautiful.



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