as one door closes, another opens...
by Toby Barazzuol on Thursday Dec 13, 2012

I love the work that we do at Eclipse Awards and I'm still excited by the possibility of what we might do tomorrow with recognition and awards.  However one of my proudest accomplishments comes from my community work - it was the formation of the Sustainability Committee at the Strathcona BIA. Since forming the committee in 2007, I served as its Chair until recently stepping down in order to lead the organization. Over those 5 years we accomplished a lot!I We would imagine things and then make them a reality. Things like:

Sustainability 1.0: the upside of greening your business - Canada's first sustainability expo for small businesses in 2008

Sustainability 2.0: the evolution of green - featuring Majora Carter on her first visit to Vancouver

Sustainability 3.0: redefining green - featuring Bob Willard

The Resource Exchange - a network to facilitate the exchange of unused materials.

The Zero Waste Challenge and most recently the Strathcona Resource Park - a centralized depot for businesses to exchange unused resources and recycle organics
Most importantly however, we started to build a community - the Strathcona Green Zone - that celebrates diversity, collaboration and sustainability in one of Canada's most challenging neighbourhoods. We've come to understand the value of strong relationships and the role of recognition in building a resilient community. And we've learned that building a resilient community will result in strong businesses and a stronger local economy.
I will always treasure my time as Chair of the Strathcona BIA Sustainability Committee, I'm proud of the work that we did to put Strathcona at the forefront of the Greenest City in the World, and I hope to continue and expand that work in my new role as Chair of the Strathcona BIA.
The new Chair for the SBIA Sustainability Committee is Emma Carscadden, a dedicated board member who will do a great job carrying on our tradition of creative and practical thinking, while also creating value for our members.
When one door closes, another always opens. As we learn to look at communities and economies as ecosystems, I can't wait to see where we can take things next!



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