Eclipse Awards turns 13 today!
by Toby Barazzuol on Friday Apr 1, 2011

Like a runner hitting the perfect stride, today marks our 13th Anniversary at Eclipse Awards.  Glancing back over our shoulder it warms our hearts to see 13 years’ worth of smiling faces and happy clients along the sidelines.  Over that time, we have learned and grown and evolved, eventually emerging as one of the world’s most respected suppliers of recognition awards.  Most importantly, we’ve learned how to make people happy, while also generating financial, social and environmental value in the heart of Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside.

As with any birthday or anniversary, it’s a time to reflect on what we’ve learned, and also to look ahead at what we hope to accomplish.  The recent years have been filled with a great mix of experiences and milestones: 

What does the future hold for Eclipse Awards?  We’ll definitely continue to explore and share our experiences on the many facets of recognition and how it can strengthen your organization.  In fact, we’re already developing some new ways to harness the power of recognition for social change...stay tuned!.  We’ll continue to design more beautiful awards out of reclaimed materials, trying to create more from less.  And of course we’ll continue to explore our social and environmental commitments, trying to find ways to weave these into the value that we create as a company.    It’s the challenge and excitement of mixing all of these ingredients together in a magical way that is our passion!

So in keeping with our tradition, we wanted to share 13 of the most important ingredients to doing business that we’ve discovered so far:

1. Treat everyone with equal respect
We may have different jobs and responsibilities, but in the end, we are all simply people trying to make our way in this world.  The energy we put out is the energy we receive back.

2. Your people are your greatest asset
Work with great people, let them do their job, and find ways to make sure they feel happy and engaged.  These are the people that will work hard for you, generate ideas for you, solve problems for you...or not.  Recognize their efforts and appreciate them.

3. Recognition is powerful
It speaks to a basic human need that we all have to feel valued and appreciated and part of a community.  Recognition empowers people and creates new opportunities for them.  It helps engage them in your community and culture.  Happy people make  organizations stronger.

4. Put your clients’ minds at ease
Find out all of the things that might worry your clients, then put systems and policies in place to address them.  Erase any worries from their minds.  See #5.

5. Be bold & daring
If you make a guarantee, make it a strong one and stand behind it.  If you embrace technology or sustainability, do it in a way that sets you apart from others.  Businesses are amazing vehicles – think outside the box and unleash your creativity!

6. Embrace sustainability
It’s already happened. “Going green” is simply the evolution of how we do business and how we choose to relate to one another and our planet. Understanding sustainability is the single greatest investment that you can make towards your future success.

7. Choose simplicity over complexity
Wherever possible, remove excess and make things easier for everyone. Design simple systems and simple policies. Leonardo Da Vinci said  “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication”.

8. If you make a mistake, take responsibility & fix it quickly (without complaining)
It’s inevitable – at some point a mistake will happen.  When it does, we accept responsibility and do our best to fix it, whatever the cost.  It’s how we handle ourselves when things go wrong that is the most important.

9. Enjoy yourself!
Have fun with the people you work with and the people you work for!  Take care of business, but don’t take yourself too seriously.

10. “Full effort is full victory”
Like Mahatma Gandhi said, "Satisfaction lies in the effort, not in the attainment.  Full effort is full victory".  Take satisfaction in your commitment to an idea or a task - give it everything.  This is even more important than the eventual outcome.  Commit yourself to service and to making people happy.

11. Get involved in your community
 A business is more than something to simply generate dollars.  It’s about putting your time and resources into enriching the community you’re located in.  This is how we will change the definition of value, as businesses become engines of community regeneration.

12. Collaborate
It’s hard to do everything alone, and not much fun. Find creative new ways to work with your staff, your suppliers, other organizations in your community, even your competitors.  All business happens within an ecosystem, and we can accomplish a lot more together than we can alone.

13. Don’t base your decisions simply on dollars
In business school, they teach that everything comes down to money.  However in reality, the truly magical and wonderful things happen when we de-prioritize money and focus on other things such as beauty, happiness, integrity, community and creating memorable experiences.

So there you have it, the essence of our brand of doing business at Eclipse Awards.  Today more than ever, people want to feel valued and appreciated.  They want to feel celebrated as part of a community, and we can help you do that with beautifully crafted recognition awards.  What will the next 13 years hold?  Only time will tell, but we’ll be ready to react and adapt!

We’d love to hear your comments!  Is there something we’ve missed or overlooked?  Let us know so that we can learn from you.



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